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Yum Review: Giraffe

Giraffe Sign

Ahhh Giraffe. Everytime I go to London I meet my friends here at least once for a bit o’ brunch. And boy is it lovely. For some reason, I always think Giraffe is an Australian import, but their first restaurant was opened in Hampstead, London.

There is a somewhat Africa vibe to Giraffe, not just because of the name, but their palette of warm earthy browns and oranges adorn the walls, furniture and artwork. Yet the mod style pieces of furniture and fixtures there and abouts bring it back into today.

light fixture through wall opening

One thing I really like about the Giraffe restaurants is how laid back and family friendly they are. I recognised the waitress from my last visit there and upon entering we were greeted like old friends than mere ‘patrons’. My niece, who is going to grace the pages of the first ever Giraffe cookbook launching this October, ran with open arms to the waitress who scooped her up, like an auntie that hasn’t been seen for months. That action summed up the place: warm, welcoming and familial.

inside giraffe
The modern mod style decor and funky artwork

You never feel like you are going to be rushed out of the door to make room for the next set of guests rather its like going home for a bit of tea/brunch/whatever. Which takes me to brunch. Being a vegetarian, I sometimes think of how meaty London is. Growing up I loved my steak n kidney pies, pork pies, lamb roasts and so on and so forth so to think about finding somewhere where I can enjoy a meatless meal makes me sigh. But Giraffe does a delish vegetarian brunch plate:

veggie brunchveggie sausages, roasted mushrooms, free range fried or scrambled eggs, Heinz baked beans, crispy potato wedges & toast

As you will notice I had my egg’s poached..is there any better way??

mod looking clocks
International times on funky clocks

One curious thing that the Giraffe we went to had was this wall of clocks. Sure, a lot of places do them, but in favour of the ‘usual’ New York, London, Paris, Milan locations they have the time for locations such as Bombay and further afield that you wouldn’t expect..I am still not sure why.

Inside giraffe and sign
Giraffe’s mantra of ‘Love Forever, Eat for fun and Live for Now are clearly on display.

All in all, if you are looking for somewhere with reasonable priced eats, well made coffee and family friendly Giraffe is the place to go. It’s nice, the atomosphere is warm and the food is ‘stop talking just chew’ good. Not to mention that I saw a celebrity sitting across from me as I scarfed down my veggie sausage. (Well, she is a celeb to me as I LOVED MI5).

My next question to Giraffe is, when are you coming to New York? Brooklyn and it’s influx of young families would love it.

images from giraffe and me


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