Kitchen Envy: Black in the living room

Black Kitchen

I remember the first time I ever saw a kitchen in a living room. It was in my friends East Village flat. I stumbled into her living room and had to do a 180 turn to see that the back wall was a work surface, sink, fridge and cook top..’what the heck is that??’ or some such came from my mouth and her shamed expression revealed that it was her ‘kitchen’.

I swore that what she had was not a kitchen. One wall? In the living room? But never say never and all that jazz, I saw the above kitchen on Holley & Gill this past week and not only was it black, but it is a one walled kitchen in a living space.

– I like the seamless look of this kitchen it is like a set of black curiosity boxes. It fits the big open space well – creating an interesting structural piece to the room.

– The rest of the room, dining, living room is well coordinated with the kitchen. White walls, deep brown wood chairs and brown leather all contribute to a limited palette and uniformity to the space. ( lovely is that brown settee? Anyone know where it’s from?? It looks a little Ligne Roset..)

– I love the simple dining table that doubles as workspace. Multiple function is a big plus in my book.

– The books on the shelf that extend from the ‘living room’ space to the ‘kitchen space’ unify both rooms and help make the space one.

All in all this space seems effortless and simple but is tied together so well that it is a approachable not stuffy. I would love this kitchen..although I am not usually one for black kitchens – I wouldn’t say no to this piece that looks like a work of art.

image shot by frederik vercruysse


5 Responses

  1. You crack me up! I had the exact same reaction once, except that I was viewing a flat to rent. I took one look at the “kitchen” wall and turned on my heel. That estate agent didn’t get me AT ALL!!!

    The one above is a different story, mainly of course, because that room is HUGE!! Although I have to confess that if the sofa wasn’t so damn cool, I might not like the room quite as much!

  2. Hi Saer,

    First of all I wanted to thank you for linking to my blog, I adore yours are well!

    I did a bit of digging for you and found the source of the coveted couch. It was designed by Mario Bellini (circa 1973) for B&B Italia and it is called Le Bambole. See it in all its glory here:

    I can smell the glorious leather from here.


    • Oh Michelle you are a star! A friend of mine called it as vintage but i didn’t quite believe her. This sofa is a piece of art-something you would keep for life. Oh thank goodness my apt isnt big enough to house this else I would hunt it down with a vengeance!

  3. I actually like black in the kitchen, it gives it a sleek and polished look. I’m not crazy about the idea of a kitchen in a living room, but the way the above pic looks, I could live with it. 😀 It’s a big space, so you don’t feel smothered, and that sofa is hot. You’ve seen the co-ops I live in, I don’t know the meaning of spacious! LOL.

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