Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Can you take me away?

Tuesday. It feels like a Monday for me – but that is what happens when you are enslaved to jet-lag. I don’t quite know if I am coming or going, but one thing I am certain of is that it’s time to show some etsy-love. This week, I have been enamoured with vessels and containers for ‘take away’. Carrying your food with you in order to eat while you walk or transport it from a to b, in style of course. You may have seen a few of these items knocking around the blogosphere the past few weeks..but they were so good, I simply had to mention them twice.

 Vintage Paper Ice Cream Cups

Vintage Paper Ice Cream Cups

Second most to cake, I love Ice Cream. Whennever I visit a suburban mall my heart races and my eyes dart about as I *know* there has to be a Haagen Dazs conscession..and it is the concession stands that sell my fave Hd flavour – Pralines and Cream. It’s like no other. The only thing better than buying ice cream is eating it on the go, and Pretty Swank has these gorgeous vintage ice cream cups on sale for $3 per dozen. How cool are they? I see them as being a fun addition to an outdoor bbq or even a garden wedding.

retro orange thermos

retro orange thermos

Oh the good ole, good ole, thermos. For me, the word conjures up images of ‘breath-seeing’ cold days and blue collar workers enjoying chunky soup on the side of the road. You can relive all of these memories and more with pica pica founds retro orange thermos priced at $16.

double thermo-serv thermos

double thermo-serv thermos

Stop the bus. I have NEVER seen one of these before..maybe I am too young to remember it or something 😉 A double sided Thermos? It’s simply genius. Now you can carry coffee on one side for your high-octane guzzling friends, and green tea on the other for your more balanced peace-nik mates. As pinkshirtsncarwrecks says, it’s perfect for what’s left of the movie in the park nights that are happening all around town. And at only $18 I am sure it will not last that long..

Vintage Donut Bags

Vintage Donut Bags

It’s no secret that I love putting things into containers as well as bagging them up (I have a Ziploc collection that would put a supermarket to shame..). Wouldn’t it be a great treat to make some home made doughnuts and put them in these lil baggies as gifts? Only $3 for a dozen..move quick.

Victorian Roses Vntage Tin

Victorian Roses Vntage Tin

I couldn’t leave without mentioning a little bit of granny-chic. This vintage rose tin is darling, a little twee I know but who could resist? Perfect for carrying a few home made biscuits, cupcakes or mini sandwiches…it’s your choice. All I do know is that $8 is a great price for this item by Queen Flourishes.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


3 Responses

  1. omy goodness I love the thermos and the donut bags! Retro all the way. And the image you provided with the thermos is spot on. Or some seventies romantic picnic with a little Seals and Croft or Orleans playing in the background. hehehe.

  2. I know its so cool!! I wish i had an excuse to make doughnuts.

  3. Chuck starts in September! You can make them for a Chuck night. 😉

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