I’m ‘home’..

Hello everyone. I am back in the land I live in and saddled with a rotten cold, caught on the plane no less! Jet lag and strange hunger cycles are plaguing me (not to mention a leaky toilet) and I have a phone FULL of pictures I can’t wait to share with you all.

As I get myself together to post some of the great stuff I saw, heard, tasted and what not this past few weeks in lands far away, feast your eyes on this .

Chocolate in Look Mum no hands

Snappetite was created by Phil Oh, one of my fave, street fashion photographers, and is a forum where one can post the food they eat and rate/critique/drool over it. I simply LOVE nosing through what other people are eating on any given day. You can check out some of the foods I had the last few weeks and keep your eyes on it for weeks to come as I intend to update it regularly with food I cook and eat!



2 Responses

  1. Oh no! Get well soon! Get plenty of rest and sleep. Missed you! I’m behind, I’ll have to check out your previous blogs on the foods you ate. lol.

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