Yum Review: Elephant & Castle and Beshoff’s, Dublin

Whilst in Dublin, we fast found our favourite places to eat. One of which was Elephant & Castle, a lovely bistro in the heart of the Temple Bar area that served lovely simple meals at a great quality for the price.

dublin eats

After our first night in Dublin, we descended upon Elephant & Castle, looking for some hearty fare for brunch and they did not disappoint. My friend had 1. Steak and Eggs Ipanema (with Advocado and fried banana). The advocado came drenched in a hollondaise sauce..which was different, but the steak was cooked well and the eggs scrambled as wished..my friend said it tasted especially yummy and devoured it with haste.

I had the 2. Eggs n Apple Benedict with Maple syrup and French toast. That’s right. I have never had eggs and apples before, but the apples, sauteed in the maple syrup were the perfect marriage of a dish. The eggs were poached at just the right degree..a nice firm body with a gorgeous flame orange yolk that dominated the plate after my first ‘incision.’ The egg teetered on top of a circle of French toast. Presentation, flavour, all in all was a solid 8.

For tea we ended up – quite by accident at Beshoff, 3&4, a chippie on O’Connell St. I liked the fact that they had outdoor seating which allowed for some ssserious people watching. Being a chain I thought for sure that Beshoff would be terrible..but all in all I was highly impressed with their chips. Nice and fat, not greasy and crunchy at the corners. Yum! The fish was ok..I like my Cod very dry and flaky, and theirs was a tad moist. Truth be told, the cook looked like he was ready to leave so maybe he rushed it..?

Back again to Elephant & Castle for dindin’s (dinner for the rest of you). 5. Fettucine, black olives, capers & tomatoes – with goats cheese was my veggie choice. The goat cheese MADE this dish, the texture was perfect as well as the neutral taste. If I must complain, it is to say that the tomatoes were just too tart. A spoonful of sugar would have given it the right amount of balance to make this dish a fave…also a whole wheat pasta option would have garnered this dish ten out of ten – but perfection just doesn’t exist.
My friend tucked into a very attractive plate of 6. Sea Bass and roast potatoes..seasoned gently yet generously. My other friend went for the one dish this restaurant is apparently noted for. 7. The wings. Oh those wings..at one point we counted six tables in a row tucking into the wings. Six! A Southern State American – my friend thought he would tell these wing ‘whats up’, but instead they told HIM.. and the statement was ‘WE are whats up!’. They were apparently THAT good.

And who can forget dessert? 8. Lemon Panacotta surrounded by wintry berries was nicely done..though I must say I’ve had better PannaCotta, but this was a noble effort that truly hit the spot.

A few other places we loved was Leo Burdocks for fish n chips – their cod was perfect..flaky and crisp – and they offer garlic mayo on the side! Also Bewleys for brunch – it had an amazing ‘New York old money’ feel to it..we felt rather grand in the huge wing back red velvet banquette’s.

So while Dublin is for drinkers..it also has so much more to offer..I highly recommend checking it out.

all images taken using shakeitphoto


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  1. […] been addicted to sparkling water and cordials..(they served them as ‘Soda’ at Elephant & Castle)..this cloche would be perfect for a big mix of soda for the table. 5. Vintage flatware from POSH […]

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