Licky sticky wedding treats..

I love weddings, in large part because I think its an extremely gutsy thing to do (the marriage part) and in slightly less large part I think its a great excuse for everyone to get snazzily dressed up and have a rollicking good time. Then there are the eats..

oh wedding eats..the stuff my childhood fantasies were made of.

This weekend as I was perusing the interweb, I occasioned across the wedding of Max and Margaux Wanger. It’s a wedding much of the blogosphere and creative web dwellers have been anticipating. Max is easily one of my fave wedding photogs and their home together is bursting with character and charm – Not to mention they are an extremely aesthetically well suited pair.

Their wedding dessert..table {!!} looked phenomenal..

Wedding treats spread

The vintage cake stands and plates give an approachable and whimsical feel, not stuffy or restrained. Low arrangements of flowers add beauty, and..wait..are those toffee apples I see?! I have not seen such a treat since I was about 12 years old….my mouth instantly watered ..I also think i spied chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick. What lovely licky sticky treats to partake of!

The food suits this backyard reception well – its not stuffy, its interesting and different – dare I even say a creative choice, much like the decor of the location.

wedding cake toffee apples pudding pies oh my

The cake is a simple two tiered offering covered in lashings of buttercream. A felt {?} heart adorns the top to give that touch of ‘aww’ that makes you smile. Pudding pies on a stick lift the mood of this celebration – again a different way to represent something traditional that makes it and everything around it *that* bit much more special.

The whole wedding is a visual banquet..not just the food. So check it out if and when you get the chance! It will uplift your Monday.

pics by our labor of love


7 Responses

  1. DUDE. They had an In-N-Out truck to cater their wedding!!!! These people are my heroes! The dessert table is truly adorable, and I have felt (ever since my photog assistant days) that a backyard picnic wedding would be my wedding of choice. Lovely!

  2. I know right?! There are so many elements to this party that are just perfect. I love everyone getting dressed up and keeping the location informal but full of unique touches. Truly the sort of evening you cherish and never forget.

  3. Hi I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy your blog. Congratulations on a very popular site


  4. I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.


  5. […] Second most to cake, I love Ice Cream. Whennever I visit a suburban mall my heart races and my eyes dart about as I *know* there has to be a Haagen Dazs conscession..and it is the concession stands that sell my fave Hd flavour – Pralines and Cream. It’s like no other. The only thing better than buying ice cream is eating it on the go, and Pretty Swank has these gorgeous vintage ice cream cups on sale for $3 per dozen. How cool are they? I see them as being a fun addition to an outdoor bbq or even a garden wedding. […]

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