Kewl things from Mr. Sparrow

I love aussie store Mr. Sparrow. Anna Macoboy, owner of Mr Sparrow, sells a carefully curated collection of curiousities that makes me want to pick up sticks and shop there. Or I can just shop from their online store!

Have a look at these items in their kitchen selection that I am totally loving:

mr sparrow kitchen inspiration

egg pantsegg pants

pop up papermats
pop mat paper mats

tray traytray tray two sided tray

bird teapotbird teapot

china bagbone china paper bag

all images from mr sparrow


Practical conceptualism: More than a coat rack

How’s this as an idea for a pot holding rack…or for those who like to cure their own meats..a great place to hang them to dry:

cloak rack by rowen wagner
rowen wagner – cloak

Ok, ok, I know it is a gross misrepresentation of what this rack was originally intended for, but I love multiple uses for an item. This fantastic concept coat rack called ‘cloak’ by Rowen Wagner is sleek and a little comical in it’s design. The solid black line for some reason reminds me of cartoons from yesteryear.

Designed to easily steer with a free axis wheel mount, the unit self-locks when rested on it’s opposite leg.

Sure you can hang a coat on it, but can you imagine it in a black and white kitchen, with a wonderful array of pots hanging from it? I can, and I think it would look quite nifty.

image from rowen wagner

Drinks that make the summer say “ahhhh…”

ice mint tea

Oh summer. How I’ve learned to love thee.

I used to hate summer, until I moved to New York and was ‘schooled’ on what Winter is really all about. It made me long for the break of 3 months or so where the sun washed over my skin and engulfed me in its reassuring warmth. Now it’s crawling up my list of favourite seasons,(beaten out only by Autumn because I LOVE to layer my clothing in fashion season EVER!).

Another reason I love summer, is that it’s the time I experiment with home made libations. This summer I just can’t stop making Ginger Mint tea – bottling it in an ikea SLOM bottle, and serving it to my friends or self when thirsty.

It’s very simple to make:


30 fl oz of water
1/4 of ginger root ( About 2 oz )
4 tablespoons of homemade simple syrup
a handful of mint leaves
a tetley tea bag


1. Bring the water to the boil while you peel and chop the ginger.
2. Add the ginger to the hot water and boil for about 5-10 minutes..depending on how gingery you want this brew to be.
3. In the last five minutes turn the heat down to a gentle simmer and add the mint leaves.
4. In the last two minutes add the *tea bag.
4. Turn of the heat, remove the tea bag and add simple syrup one spoon at a time while stirring the mixture. (I don’t like my drinks very sweet, if you do – just add more syrup..but it will lose that ‘refreshing’ quality).
5. Add a couple handfuls of ice and allow the mixture to cool (about 20 minutes).
6. Strain the mixture to get rid of the ginger chunks and mint leaves and then using a funnel, pour the tea mix into your bottle and store in the fridge to cool completely.
7. When chilled serve with lots of ice and fresh mint leaves.

* the tea bag step is OPTIONAL. Sometimes I omit it if I am laying off the caffine..if you like looseleaf tea you can substitute with a teaspoon of that at this point.

The sharpness of the ginger is breathtaking not to mention the menthol of the mint. Yum!

Have a great weekend dear hearts!

image via real simple

Feeling like some ‘slaw..


I was in the mood for some coleslaw yesterday as I made little jacket potatoes..and I love my jacket potatoes with lots of cheese and a healthy dollop of ‘slaw. So I grated up some orange carrots, purple carrots (farmers market score), some onions and some garlic. Sure the usual cabbage-ness was missing, but a dash of salt, pepper, sprinkling of olive oil and white wine vinegar made this oh so goooood.

I topped it all off with some salad cream i’d picked up from my recent travails. Simply the best.

Nato Welton

You absolutely must check out the drool worthy and aesthetically beautiful work of London based Photographer Nato Welton. He works with some great stylists that create a picture that satisfies more than the palette.

nato welton spoons

nato welton knives
knives: They look so murderous placed like this…

jam pan
jam pan

flower biccies
flower shaped biscuits

pots n pans
a collection of pots n pans

all images by nato welton

Kitchen Envy: When I think that i’m over you, I’m overpowered

Ok so I totally stole the post title from a Roisin Murphy song.. I felt a little Scandinavian designed out earlier this year. Yes, I love the aesthetic, but I had looked at one too many white kitchens..sheesh..It’s so far from my own personal style and was likely something I would never do. So I quit..stopped looking at Scan design and what not.. but I just kept getting drawn back to it again and again and yes, again. It’s an overpowering attraction. Case in point:

Maklare apt

This weeks kitchen comes to you via the Alvhem estate agency …the same place that had this fabulous pad on sale a few months back. I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to that wonderfully corally red partially exposed brick lovely is that? So raw and exposed against the innocent white of the walls, floor and cabinets.

Maklare flat

While I don’t like the choice of tilework as I prefer herringbone or subway style tiles and this style makes me think of the bathroom..which in turn makes me think of poop – I do like the little recessed area that houses a vase with a solitary flower. Nice touch and detail. The stark whiteness of the cabinets also plays well off the wooden countertop and the shiny chrome appliances and fixtures. Simple, clean and pulled together. Did you notice? The molding on the cabinets don’t match!! I much prefer that of the one up top as the bottom ones look ‘harsh’ by comparison..but the white paint creates enough uniformity to make this ok.

Maklare flat

I love the glass door as it allows light from those fabulous windows to flood into the rest of the apartment and its such a pretty decorative feature. Did I mention this is an eat in kitchen? Oh yesh…I could only dream of such a concept! The kitchen is so spacious that this table isn’t on top of the cook and work surface, and stands alone in its own right with enough space for a dinner party but not a family..why?

Maklare Flat

..because this is a STUDIO SPACE! What the what yo?! It’s gorgeous, and spacious..and with a kitchen quite literally the size of half the apartment. Sheesh, this is the way to do a studio, after all the kitchen is the heart and soul of a place no? Everything feels so big, uncluttered and relaxing. A great place for the mind and the soul. Oh Stockholm, I hope I don’t ever think that I am over you again..

all images from alvhem

Taking the outdoors in for the Autumn

Indoor garden party

It’s getting yucky out there dear readers. Everyone I’ve spoken to in every country this week has said one thing. “It’s raining.” The WORLD is raining right now. What gives?? I can’t believe it’s almost time to take the outdoors in, no more garden parties, no more picnics and back to warm snuggly comfort food.

While I don’t have room for a dinner party..if I did, I would love it to look something like the above…

1. Wood & Glass terrarium from Terrain, $188. A bit elaborate for a bread basket..but oh so fun. 2. Ash wood cutting board at Terrain, $32. This would make a super cool, rustic place mat.. 3. Olive branch serving trivet from Terrain, $18. Perfect for holding a medly of condiments or some such. 4. Corkstop Cloche from Terrain (no longer available). Since my trip abroad I’ve been addicted to sparkling water and cordials..(they served them as ‘Soda’ at Elephant & Castle)..this cloche would be perfect for a big mix of soda for the table. 5. Vintage flatware from POSH (prices vary).

6. Mushroom salt and pepper shakers, $48 from Terrain. 7. Flowers from Saipua. 8. Napkins from POSH, 4 for $20. 9. Teacup and saucer from Anthropologie. 10. Cement Planter $298, from Terrain – a great vessel to house the saipua flowers! 11. Dinner plates from Areaware, $130 for 4.

It’s kind of appropriate that most of my choices come from outdoor specialists Terrain. Who says that the outdoors has to stay there?!

images from terrain at stylers, saipua, POSH chicago and areaware.