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Everything tastes better at home

healthy eating

Those who know me well, or at least know me in ‘RL’, know that I love to eat, yes, but I also love to exercise. I truly believe that it is this combination that is single handedly saving me from a life more …’larger’ shall we say.

That being said, I have been home, in London, all of three days and I have already made my way through chips, several chocolate bars, a packet of jam sandwich creams and lashings of salad cream (we just don’t get this in the states)..and it’s only day three! Hmm..either I have to scale back immensely or find a gym that will let me participate on a ‘per class’ basis.

Either way, it always strikes me as strange how things taste different in every country – take for example this morning, I had some raw almonds and they were nowhere near as ‘sweet’ as the ones I get at Trader Joes, and I trust that Traders almonds are ‘au naturel’. What gives? Different areas of harvesting, different proccessing maybe? I always thought a nut, was a nut, was a nut. But evidently not. And less sweet, is rather tasty..

I also find it chuckleworthy how ‘small’ the containers, bottles and what not of food and drink are – a stark difference of the ‘bigger is better’ mentality. In a few moments I’m heading off, to “Marks’s’ as I like to call it, that’s Marks and Spencer to the rest of you, hoping to get some inspiration for dinner – something veggie perhaps…and definitely something small..

Check out this little blurby about where Marks’s source their food…

pic from marks and sparks


2 Responses

  1. i absolutely agree that things taste differently depending on region. i think some of that also has to do with the smell of an area – i distinctly recall london having a different smell than new york, and that surely must affect the taste of the foods you eat.

    while i’m all for portion control and cutting back on the ridiculous excess of american consumption, there is one thing i can’t quite give up…if it’s liquid, it must be LARGE. dainty bottles of water, diet soda; tiny vessels tea & coffee are all anger-inducing teases to me.

    barring a well-made demitasse of espresso or a glug of whiskey just submerging the ice cubes, give me 16 ounces or nothing!

    • Could be so – but also different raw materials sourced from different areas..its the same with fragrance..sandalwood from India does NOT smell like sandalwood from Australia..there are environmental factors to the area somethings from that affect it.

      Not to mention food stipulations…(damn you FDA!!!). I am getting my ‘fill’ of all foods and medicines here that the FDA wouldn’t tolerate in the USA…just saw a lovely veggie kiev in Marks’s that said explicitly that the veggies used therein were not genetically modified or manufactured – that is ONE thing, I wish they made law in the US…I mean they can modify everything and anything they want, i just want to KNOW if my products contain it. Because if they do, then I won’t buy it. I think I deserve the right to make that decision without being forced to do a mountain of research.

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