Be still my ‘art..

Laduree Cupcakes
Laduree Cupcakes

Art and food are a natural pair – it’s no surprise to see them married time and time again in a variety of wonderful ways. The work of Carol Gillot is no exception.

Macaron Nonsense
Macaron Nonsense

Carol, an artist based out of Queens, NY – has a wonderful blog named Paris Breakfast, wherein she posts mouthwatering piece after piece of her French food inspired art. These delicate watercolours by their palette and gentle brush strokes reflect appropriately the delicate balance that goes into the foods they portray – teas in teacups, macarons, tarts, croissant’s, confitures etc. Check out more of Carol’s work on her flickr stream and etsy store – and if you are tempted to buy some real live macaron’s where you live check out this guide.

Piu Piu
Piu Piu

Oh, and I absolutely love that Carol seems to have an obsession with Laduree packaging!!

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