My Granddaugthers Cabinet is good for many things..

my granddaughters cabinet

..including storing kitchen items.

Hear me out. It’s been a little while since we have had a practical conceptualism post, not without good reason. Goodness knows I like logic and order, but I also love a little chaos. Finding something to fit that criteria isn’t as easy as one would think. Sure, fitted kitchens are lovely – but imagine one that’s made up of standalone items each unique and interesting that create visual interest and a story.

Granted, not many would give it a try – but that’s the purpose of this column, to encourage you to try something you otherwise wouldn’t give thought to.

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet is a collection designed to be passed on from one generation to the next. All materials are natural, environmentally friendly and carefully chosen for their ability to age beautifully.

Created by Swedish product designer Lisa Hilland – a graduate of Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. Following ten years of studies and design work in London, she founded her own Scandinavian-based studio in 2005.

I must admit there is something very twee about the design of this cabinet – its practical as a place of storage yes, but the different size boxes lends itself to a fantastical world. The concept of it being passed from one generation to the next is not only an appropriate concept in encouraging a rebellion to wastefulness, but due to its unique design the piece is surely timeless.

It’s also a great piece in a dining room for storing dinner plates and glassware..anywhere you put it its sure to make you smile and create conversation.

Check out more from Lisa Hilland’s collection here.

images from lisa hilland

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