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Renaming unpopular foods..


I love comedy almost as much as I love food. Last night I stumbled home from the gym in time to catch The Colbert Report..oh that Stephen! He had an absolutely hilarious segment about renaming unpopular foods; fueled by the newly monikered ‘Kentucky Tuna’ – the fish formerly known as ‘ Asian Carp’. Apparently, there is a real ongoing problem with the invasion of Asian Carp in US waterways..who knew?

But what really caught my attention, was the concept Stephen suggested of renaming unpopular foods..I mean, just imagine what it could do for the social profile of the many foods that are shoved to the corner of the dinner plate by adults and children alike. In Stephen’s world Cauliflower becomes ‘Albino Brocoli’..Cockroach? ‘Sink Lobster’, and my personal fave Rat = ‘Street Veal’. ::::shudder:::

When I was a kid there weren’t really ANY unpopular foods for me at least…I loved liver, kidney’s even Brussell sprouts..But there were some foods that were hated by any and everyone I knew -beets, rhubarb, my beloved brussell sprouts, offal – you had to be crazy to let these things pass your lips. But if we were to rename them…they could be relaunched as though the product of a make over..picture it:

Beets become ‘Purple Passion
Rhubarb? No dear that’s just a ‘blushing celery
Brussell sprouts? Rather, Nature buds.
Hate Brocoli Rabe? Not when its called ‘Sour Power Greens‘ you don’t! (who DOESN’T love Sour Powers?!?)
Fish eyes? mmmm, pass me another plate of those ‘Peepers
Offal…ok maybe not everything can be renamed

But Stephen has a legitimate point..Peepers sounds SO much better than ‘fish eyes’. But truth be told, I still wouldn’t be caught eating them; even if I wasn’t a vegetarian.

Any foods you hated growing up or indeed still hate? Post your ideas for renaming them!

image by martin orozco


3 Responses

  1. I actually knew about the giant asian carp invasion, those fish are huge and scary! LOL! Mutations!

    those are some funny names. 😀

    I hate hate..celery and cucumber (in it’s whole form. If you chop it to microscopic bits for japanese rolls and Tzatziki Greek sauce then okay..)

    Celery= sour stalks
    Cucumber=wannabe pickle.

  2. […] seemed to be everywhere last week – especially after my post about renamining unpopular foods. But the yummiest of them all was this post by coquette and dove. I love to eat rhubarb but have […]

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