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Warm and Cold Salad..

The recent weather in NY could hardly be described using the adjectives ‘warm’ or ‘cold’. Blistering surface of the sun is more like it..and while it has everyone knocking back large quantities of water, this lil craven maven has been cooking and scoffing down food like it’s the heart of winter.

There are two distinct things contributing to my ever present appetite, 1. My decision to regularly shop seasonal local grown foods and 2. My addiction to Chuck’s Day Off on the Cooking Channel. The result?

Farmers Market salad and Potato Salad dressing

I ended up making a salad consisting of Arugula, Bean Sprouts, Heirloom Tomatoes, Feta cheese and golden beets. Oh those beets..they were $2 a bunch af the market and added such an earthy yet sweet almost nutty-ish angle to the salad..I highly reccomend them.

After making the cold salad, I started making a warm potato salad using Fingerling potatoes – as featured on my tivo’ed up of Chucks Day off. As I didn’t have any grainy Djion (for shame), I used some colemans mustard instead…white wine vinegar, garlic and olive oil rounded out the dressing…I put it aside and..

Cooking Fingerlings

..put my scrubbed Fingerling potatoes on to boil…about ten mins in, I added 3 eggs that were laid just two days prior ( I know because I bought it from the actual farm where they were laid…still a surreal experience for this city girl..) and then combined the two in a bowl (after quatering the eggs of course). I like my yolks a little runny…at all times..so didn’t hard boil the eggs. However, this made them MUCH more delicate to handle! I poured on the mustard dressing and gently mixed it all in so that all potatoes had a good covering of the mustard dressing.

I plated the warm salad and coupled it with my green salad – adding a smattering of a vinegerette from Trader Joes. Et Voila!

Warm and Cold Salad

I highly reccomend you try the warm potato salad this weekend coupled with your favourite green salad mix..and if you see golden beets at your local farmers market/supermarket – don’t be afraid to give them a try! They will truly enhance your salad.

all images by cravenmaven using shakeitphoto


5 Responses

  1. Your dishes look like they come straight from the restaurant, you’v e got quite a touch when it comes to preparing food. 🙂 The warm potato salad sounds very yummy. And of course the salad itself looks delicious.

    • aww so sweet – I do try and present my food in a way that makes me psyched to eat it. lol. You must try the warm potato salad it is the bestest.

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  3. Holy moley that potato salad sounds good. might have to knock one of those up tomorrow for my dinner…mouthwatering…

    • You have to try it…its soo good! Oh and guess what I made yesterday morning?? Chocolate and guinness cake..well i didnt have any guinness so used brooklyn brewerys brown ale – as i love its rich taste…oh my..this cake is beyond yummy – its already 3/4 gone..i shared it of course…but seriously its delish..will post pics soon!!

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