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Kitchen Envy: Kickin’ it old school..

Vintage blue kitchen

Oh my!

Never can it be said that I, the cravenmaven, does not have a thing for a vintage item or two, or three, or more. Nor can it be said that I don’t love blue in any and all of its shades (blame my tomboy roots). So when I stumbled upon this kitchen I did a Warner Brothers-esque gulp.

This gorgeous kitchen belongs to Pam Kueber, retro afficionado. Believe it or not, the cabinets once belonged to a cooking school kitchen run by nuns in New York. Pam had the doors of the cupboards moved to her home in Massachusets. How’s that for some serious kitchen lovin?? Apart from the obvious, here are the reasons why I have some serious kitchen envy of this space:

– Hello dining space in the kitchen! With room for four chairs no less!! Don’t get me wrong I love a dining room, but there is something very homely about a dining space in a kitchen. This one wouldn’t be out of place for a fancy dinner either – especially as its kitted out with a few Knoll chairs and a Saarinen style table!

– Super glossy cabinets. I love high gloss cabinets. It gives it such a polished, high end almost art installation feel. The light reflecting off the gloss is a feature of the kitchen itself. It’s a little bit unexpected and lends to the retro vibe of the space.

– Let’s talk about that colour. Let’s face it, it MAKES the space. If the cabinets were teak or mahogany I know I wouldn’t give the space a second look (save for the dining space). When it comes to retro its the perfect shade – not quite turquoise not quite seafoam – a balance of greens and blue. It’s the sort of shade that amplifies sunlight – I know I would smile every morning when entering this space (yes even BEFORE my coffee – gasp!). The vibrancy and slight tongue in cheek of it all is perfect and truly makes this space unique.

There are aspects of the kitchen that I certainly don’t like..like that stove and some of the accesories on the wall and countertops, but all in all this kitchen is unique enough to stop me in my tracks and make me envious!

all images from retro renovation


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