Sweet treats by Dolce Vivian..

Dolce Vivian Macaroon

While on holiday in New Hampshire, I had the pleasure of meeting the Vivian behind Dolce Vivian – a gluten free bakery. Now I am not always a fan of food that is ‘free’ of anything, especially when it comes to my sweet treats. But I thought I would give it a try and so snagged a sample of one of her Almond Macaroons.

As we all know Macaroons are not Macarons..right? This treat had the nice crunchy edges of a macaroon with a soft rich almond middle not disimilar to a macaron. Such a quandry! The cream in the middle was soft and whipped – amazing as I don’t believe these were baked the same day.

All in all what impressed me the most was how ‘normal’ it tasted. Sugar free always tastes off – Gluten free sometimes tastes dull – but this treat was as good as the ‘real deal’ and has prompted me to alert all my friends with Celiac’s disease.

If you have a chance check out Dolce Vivian’s good stuff – which can be ordered from her site here.

images by cravenmaven


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