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Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Chop chop..

I have many fixations, obsessions and distractions – much to my annoyance. On the one hand its great in that I end up being the source of a wealth of junk knowledge, when asked ‘Hey Saer do you know where I can find…?’ most of the time, I have an answer. But on the other hand, it makes me a bit of a jill of all trades and master of none. Not to mention it wastes a lot of time.

That being said, one of my latest fixations are chopping blocks. You know, the thing you cut your veggies on in the kitchen? The obsession spurred out of necessity for me to purchase a new one..I am still yet to do so, as I know the ultimate one, for the right price is out there for me. A Prince Charming of kitchen tools if you will.

Then the other day I stumbled upon the chopping block genius of delia sophia – maker of chopping blocks. **sigh** Check out some of her skillful goodness:

Handmade Wood Cutting Board . Rustic with 3 stripes of Walnut

Handmade Wood Cutting Board with 3 stripes of Walnut

Ooooh….walnuts!! Ok, so they aren’t quite the edible type, but look at the stripey contrasted goodness that abounds from this chopping block. A compilation of Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, and 3 strips of Walnut this block would go in any kitchen colour scheme. Every board by delia sophia is hand rubbed to a smooth finish with her own special mineral oil and wax mixture in order to create a waterproof seal.
$55 here.

Handmade Cutting Board . Large with Two Curves

Handmade Cutting Board – Large with Two Curves

Cars have them. Women have them and now, so can your chopping board. Yes, that’s right. Curves. I think this board is stylin’ – it looks a little bit retro yet modern and different enough to be interesting! Again a mix of woods, it costs $80 which is comparable to most chopping boards nowadays, but is especially reasonable as it is handmade with care.

Handmade Wood Cutting Board. Ambiguously Clever.

Handmade Wood Cutting Board- curiously shaped

The shape of this board is quite abstract…definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen and for that reason alone it makes the pick. It’s $90 and if you are so inclined, you can score it here.

Engrave your chopping block

Engraved Chopping Block

Now this is kewl..mongramming your stuff just smacks of ‘yeah I’ve got things together’. Well to me it does at least. For $13 you can have your board of choice hand branded with your initials..so there shouldn’t be a mix up at the end of the evening as to whose board belongs to who..cos we all know THAT happens way more often than it should..

images courtesy of the delia sophia


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