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Guest Post: Afternoon Tea with Coquette & Dove


Hi folks, my name’s Kate, I usually blog over on Coquette & Dove, but I couldn’t resist Saer’s invitation to pop in while she’s away to share something foodie & fashion with you all.

I’m a British girl through and through, from my English Rose complexion right down to my lily white legs! And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that it’s always time for tea. From my first cup in the morning, to my last cup before turning in, nothing can soothe, refresh & revive the way a good cuppa can.

Of course, a cup of tea in your favourite mug, tucked up in your armchair, nose in a book is one way to enjoy your brew, but surely the best way is afternoon tea? A gaggle of your best girls, frocks, teapots and baked goodies on old vintage plates. It’s a wonderful way to while away the afternoon, and if you’ve something to celebrate, then a bottle or two of Prosecco (so much more modest & ladylike than champagne!) will help things go with a little sparkle.

In my family, we take afternoon tea very seriously. What should (and should not) be on the menu, should the sandwiches be fingers or triangles, should the cake be chocolate or fruit? Afternoon tea is when we get very British about things. And so, dear readers, I offer you the definitive guide to a British afternoon tea!


Now then, a few finger wagging notes…

Cucumber sandwiches – the crusts must be off, the bread must be white and there must be nothing but thinly sliced cucumber and salted butter within. Anything else is sacrilege.

My sister puts truffle oil in her egg mayonnaise sandwiches, and a modest amount of cress, elevating thus them to a state of pure perfection.

When it comes to scones, you cannot, repeat, cannot buy them. No sir. They must be made by hand, and served while still warm from the oven. And once a scone has cooled to room temperature it’s shelf life is over.

I know. I sound like some kind of scone whackadoodle. But them’s the rules folks.

And just in case you think that I’m some Martha Stewart wannabe on crack, whipping up batches of scones in the blink of an eye, you’d be right (apart from the crack bit). Because I use this idiot proof recipe.

Cake. What a minefield! I will confess that I have yet to be convinced of the point of fruit cake. I just. don’t. get it. And since chocolate cake is far & away the best kind of cake, why not make it extra great by baking one with a pint of Guinness in. Yummy. This recipe is the one our family has been baking for over 15 years and my sister even had it as her wedding cake! You can’t fail.

I wont insult you any further by telling you how to make ham sandwiches or jam tarts, but I will say that if you can find genuine clotted cream, the kind with a crust (I know, cream with a crust, gross) then you will not be sorry.

Tea is a no brainer. It should be loose leaf and made in a pot, Harrods Afternoon Blend is delicious, and a nice Earl grey would also go down well, especially in warmer weather. And don’t forget to warm the pot, stir 3 times each way, put milk in the cup first, and only let one woman pour from the pot or someone will end up pregnant. But y’all know that.

Last, but by no means least, it’s imperative that everyone dresses the part. Imagine going to all that effort to provide a lady like spread only to have someone turn up in jeans…

Time for Tea Outfit

{ Shoes // Dress // Necklace // Clutch // Hat // Watch }

And there you have it folks! Tea time the way it should be.

scone image from candy pop, clothing mood board images from respective stores linked

cm note: Thanks Kate!! This post made me want to get my mums reliable scone recipe all over again.. check back tomorrow for the last in this weeks series of guests posts!!


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  1. […] I was on holiday the dear coquette and dove blogged about an English afternoon tea. One of the treats she recommended was a chocolate Guinness cake…so this past week I decided […]

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