Guest post: Rockaway Taco

Rockaway Taco

(Today’s guest post is by Sherry, from one of my favourite blogs Pork&Chocolate. She also occasionally writes foodie based posts for the dwellstudio blog.)

Summer has arrived, and for me that means days at the beach followed by a stop at Rockaway Taco. The local hotspot, their fish tacos are a perfect after-beach snack – light and tasty.

Fish Taco

The fish has a great crispy coating and is topped with creamy guacamole, shredded cabbage, radishes and cilantro.

Spicy Cucumbers

I also love the spicy cucumbers, sliced up and topped with chili flakes and lime – both hot and cool at the same time.

Mint Limeade

The mint limeade is so refreshing after a day in the sun, and a great balance to the spicy cucumbers. Can’t wait for the next beach day!

all images by sherry


One Response

  1. oh.. i love Taco and I love Rockaway. Why have I not expereinced the two before! arghhh! A travel note for my next visit to the area. Thanks! 🙂

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