Ten year old Cup o’ Noodles??

Cup Noodles time can

There are many things you come across in life. This, was not one I expected. A ten year old Cup Noodle ‘time can’?? I kid you not – while I am dubious of food that ‘lasts’ more than a few weeks, (or less depending on what it is), this time can does turn my stomach somewhat. At some point this thing stopped being food and went straight to being just a ‘chemical’, i’m certain of it.

You have to read the blow by blow and follow the pictures on Jarrett’s blog. Sure you will lose 5 minutes of your life reading it. But hey, it’s one of those things you can file under life’s ‘what the what??’.

image via jarretts blog

Note: I am away this week, but keep your eyes on the blog for some interesting and exciting guest posts!


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