Got poached?

my poached eggs

The best poached eggs i’ve ever had was when I holiday’ed in Australia. The yolks were always the perfect balance of creamy runniness and firmness. The whites were firm by contrast and all in all the flavour of egg was rampant without being obnoxious…what are they feeding the hens down under??

I’ve not been able to replicate a decent poached egg since then. Mostly because mine always fall apart in the water or I overcook them or so on or so forth. A month or so ago I saw TheKitchn’s home hack as to how to poach and looked SO simple I just had to try it..Coupled with my farmers market eggs I gave it a go.

The end result are the best poached eggs i’ve had in a long while! Creamy and fresh – topped with some pink salt, ground pepper and scallions.. Yum!


5 Responses

  1. Mmmm..I’ve never heard of pink salt, but those eggs look delicious up there. I have a way of making them right in the microwave, I take a bowl of water mixed with Vinegar-not too much, like half a bowl, then crack two eggs or whatever in there. I cook it about 3-5 minutes…depends on your microwave capacity.

    In the meanwhile I toast wheat bread, a spread of butter on each, when the eggs are done I melt cheese on them-probably back in the microwave for a minute or half a minute. It comes out really good, maybe add a slice of tomato if you like.

    BUT yours sounds like gourmet! 😀

  2. Goodness me those eggs look yummy. Poached eggs are my favourite. My sister’s husband makes her a poached egg on toast every morning before work. So cute!

  3. […] and home hacks they often post. The last one I mentioned on this here blog was the how to poach an egg hack, which I now use on a weekly basis. This past week Emily Ho, featured a post on how to cut soft […]

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