Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: The handiwork of Jeanette Zeis

I love cake stands. Probably because I love cake and the thought of putting it on pedestal for all to see is highly appropriate in my craven little mind. I came across vessels and wares by means of a very popular blog on this here interweb and was immediately smitten. Not only does Jeanette do a wonderful line of cake stands, including cup cake stands, but she also does a line of ‘vegan ceramics’ called Vegan Dish with absolutely no animal by products.

So check out some of my favourite picks from Jeanette’s stores; that would be a great addition to your kitchen and home.



Currently on someones registry (I hope they get it!!), this beautiful stoneware casserole is the perfect dish for a winters stew, or a summer potato salad! I love the colours in Jeannette’s work, subtle and fresh they look like a colour wash and the vibrant tones make me feel happy. As I mentioned, this casserole is listed for a registry, but as they are custom order you can probably drop Jeanette a note about getting one made up for yourself. Just $78!

Custom Wedding cake stand

Custom Wedding cake stand

Such a good idea, and a nice personal touch for anyone getting married soon. These custom wedding cake stands come in both small for $68 or large, priced at $180 and feature nice little hand worked touches like the bride and grooms names, hearts and the wedding date handwritten in script around the edge.
What a wonderful wedding gift or keep sake that can actually be used over and over again! If you don’t have occasion for one of these, there are other great non-wedding cake stand options to choose from.

berry bowl strainer and scallop saucer

berry bowl strainer and scallop saucer

‘A Collander with pizzazz’! I love it. I eat berries on a near daily basis and having an adorable collander to wash them in then eat from is essential. At least it is to me. This beautiful strainer is fit to go from sink to tabletop without looking out of place in either scenario. Simply gorgeous!

Vegan Dish - Cake stand

Vegan Cake stand

Well now, how about this? A vegan cupcake stand. For vegan cakes, by a vegan ( don’t HAVE to have a vegan cake on it, but really – if you didn’t …that would just be wrong). I love the fact that it says ‘vegan’ around the rim of this stand, perfect for a party where you have guests of mixed consumption tendencies…It can be a bit frustrating when you are at a dinner party, eyeing a dish and asking your meat eating friends, ‘is there meat in that? it is vegetarian/vegan??’ Now, those questions will no longer be necessary!

Cozy Vegan Mug

Cozy Vegan Mug

Also from the Vegan Dish line, these cozy mugs are brilliant. I love mugs of interesting shapes and sizes. Especially ones that encourage you to cradle the mug, eat from the mug and otherwise engage in activity with a mug that just smacks of ‘over familiarity’ . Case in point the vegan cozy mug. It’s wide brim and low height make it perfect for grabbing a spoon and scoffing the contents. Again the colour palette is nice and bright, and although priced at $22, its one of this mugs that would fast become a favourite and make all your other common mugs just plain jealous.

So there you have it.

images courtesy of the jeannette zeis stores mentioned


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