What’s cooking my *blogships?

What a week that was. Especially if, like most of the world you are watching the World Cup. Being a Brit in America and having an inate interest in the Footy is ..well.. interesting. Every bodega and gas station has the game running on their tv’s as the employees are inevitably not from the US – and for a brief moment I have bonded with every gas station attendant and Bodega owner I encountered through this past week. But enough about the football, and more on what my fave blogs have been talking about this past week. (oh, you might notice that there are a few new blogs added to my blog roll – I do add them very slowly – but only because I choose those which are the best imo.).

Gnocchi at Beretta

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: pork and chocolate
blogger: Sherry
post i loved: Beretta

You can always count on Sherry for some honest to goodness drool worthy food shots and ‘real’ restaurant reviews. The gnocchi pictured above is just one of the many drool worthy offerings in last weeks review of restaurant Beretta (just have a look at her shot of the chocolate gelato).
If you are planning to be in San Franscisco anytime soon, check out Sherry’s review and plan a trip to Beretta.

choo choo

blogroll category: designy
blog name/url: beci orpins blog
blogger: Designer-aire (as in extraordinaire), Beci Orpin
post i loved: perfect saturday night

I wish I could go on an eating tour of Australia – seriously. The eats out there are so good, fresh, yummy with a great pop of flavour. I make an effort to bookmark any and every eatery there that I come across – because one day that gastro road trip will become a reality. Case in point, Cookie mentioned on Beci Orpins blog last week. Cookie has the same head chef as choo choo – for whom Beci designed a logo – and one quick look at the menu had me salivating. ‘Honey Cashews with coconut and chili’ and ‘bean curd rolls filled with daikon..’ and more. Check them out if you are or will be going to Melbourne anytime soon!

perfect dress

blogroll category: fashiony
blog name/url: dear golden
blogger: Lauren
post i loved: seeing some red…

Simply put the perfect dress for summer al fresco dining – all you need is a floppy at some big shades and a pair of red sandals! As of now its still available to buy!

funny pot

blogroll category: mags
blog name/url: dwell
blogger: none
post i loved: Josephine Ceramic Watering Pot

Many times I have praised the kitchen garden – a little herb pot or so here or there to keep the air fresh and be on hand to season whatever dish you are making – but when it comes to watering your kitchen herb garden – why use an old glass or mug when you can use this super funky watering can?! Designed by Giorgia Ricci this pot comes with three different colored lids that correspond and contrast with the color of the piece itself. Adorable!

wooden pestle and mortar

blogroll category: vintage housewares
blog name/url: p.o.s.h chicago
blogger/owner: Jen
post/email/item i loved: Vintage Hand-Turned Wooden Mortar And Pestle from Spain

There is almost never a time when it is appropriate to cook without spices or herbs. At least in my opinion there isn’t. I’ve been on the prowl for a good mortar for a while and have narrowed down my list. Now POSH Chicago gives me reason to increase that list with the above offering. More so for its aesthetic value than perhaps practicality I am in love with this thing!

*blogships is a rip on an email I got that opened with ‘ what’s cooking my friendships?’

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


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  1. thanks for the nice mention saer. you should totally come on an eating tour down-under! i will show you all the best melbourne haunts!

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