Greenpoint Food Market update (via Brooklyn Home Companion)

A few weeks ago here was a GREAT article in the NYTimes about the Greenpoint Food Market. I was all abuzz as I have friends who sell their produce there and I love the air of commaraderie and spirit that the vendors have..unfortunately, sometimes the light that is cast from the NYT has an ominous shadow looming..

..check out this great writeup from the Brooklyn Home Companion about recent developments and events that is hampering the progression of one of Greenpoints greatest features, the food market.

The Greenpoint Food Market was featured in a New York Times article at the beginning of June. Good for Greenpoint, right? Perhaps not. The market’s vendors operate on a wide spectrum of the professionalism and legality scale. For some, this is a career; for others, it’s a hobby, a community-bonding activity, a stepping-stone to bigger things, a way to earn a little extra cash, or a great lab to test out new recipes and products. But, as mentioned … Read More

via Brooklyn Home Companion


2 Responses

  1. Oh boy, enter the red tape. One day that tape will be snipped. It’s a shame we live in a world so full of mistrust.

    To me it’s all seems to just to hamper the ‘little guy.’ If markets like these start cropping up without any legalities and turn a good a profit, the government probably fears that the big corporations that deal with the farms will suffer. In other words, it’s a money issue. ;(

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