What’s cooking my *blogships?

The end of my week last week, was consumed with all things World Cup. And while my ‘American Cousins’ were celebrating the ‘goal’ on Saturday, I was in mourning and quite appropriately came down with a 48 hour cold/flu (aka plague). That being said, its amazing how much the World Cup affects ones actions – I feel so all over the place – after a dr. appt yesterday I realised I wouldn’t make it back home in time and sprinted to the Ace Hotel to watch Italy v Paraguay…word to the locals – it’s a GREAT SPOT to watch the game, and the food ( I had a somewhat fancy grilled cheese ), was American Style Pub food hipster style.

But on to a round up of the best of last week!

dark choc dipped macaroons

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: sprouted kitchen
blogger: sara

I love Macaroons, my dad used to buy them a lot when I was a kid. My love for these coconutty treats increased when I discovered the chocolate dipped variety at Godiva. Say what??? I never thought of making them myself..thanks to the lovely Sara of sprouted kitchen, I now know how!

blogroll category: designy
blog name/url: dwellstudio
blogger: Molly
post i loved: SAMPLE SALE!

Erm, one of my favouritest design studios is having a sample sale! It started last Friday and lasts until this coming Sunday. Not only do Dwell have some of very aesthetically pleasing textile designs that are timeless and fun, they also use lovely fabrics that feel good. Kitchen friendly items such as the mosaic apron is on sale for $20. See the link above for details about the sale location – bring cash for the best deals!

how to start a weekend right

blogroll category: fashiony
blog name/url: coquette and dove
blogger: The lovely Kate.
post i loved: { finger lickin’ } shaken…

Oh Kate. If anyone knows how to get a weekend started off right with a kick its this lady! Home made martini’s? Yes please..

The Peoples Supermarket

blogroll category: mags
blog name/url: amelias magazine blog
blogger: emma barlow
post i loved: The People’s Supermarket: a new approach to food shopping

What a lovely and informative write up was on the amelias magazine blog this week (not last week sorry..), about The People’s Supermarket– a new food cooperative that recently opened in London. Currently being set up by innovative and forward-thinking chef Arthur Potts Dawson, The People’s Supermarket offer a new way of shopping that aims to change the way we buy food. Apparently its model on the idea of the Park Slope Food Coop, a place dear to me that elicits great memories. I really hope all goes well for The Peoples Supermarket as I am a huge fan of shopping right when it comes to ones grub.

Modern German Tea Set

blogroll category: vintage housewares
blog name/url: hindsvik
blogger/owner: Daniel and Valeria
post/email/item i loved: Modern German Tea Set

Is it possible to have a crush on an etsy store? Cos every time I go to the hindsvik store I find myself giggling and blushing and totally charmed. Case in point, the above gorgeous German tea set. It features a tea pot and tea cups made of textured ceramic and gold patterned touches. TEXTURE! GOLD! oh and did I mention it’s only $42….it had me at ‘tea set’ . It had me at ‘tea set’.

*blogships is a rip on an email I got that opened with ‘ what’s cooking my friendships?’

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


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