Found It! Cortelyou Farmers Market

Farmers market

As many of my friends know, I have been moaning about ditching the supermarkets and doing as much local farmers market shopping as possible. But the problem I have been coming up against is finding a market that is close to me that I can get to at a decent hour instead of getting there too late and only receiving the sloppy seconds that others have picked over.

But thanks to my friend A. I was directed to a slew of sites including The Cortelyou Green Market. A Sunday only market, I figured I would pop by and see if it was any’s only a block long so how great could it be I thought? Oh..little did I know.

To make my shopping efficient I set a budget ($40) and an objective – to buy fresh ingredients for a red curry, flowers, cheese and bread or something for between work snacks.

Farmers Market purchases
What I got!

I found so much good stuff and came home with $3 in my pocket! There were not many stalls, but everything was great quality and all of the vendors were informative and chatty.Consider Bardwell Farms, had lovely cheeses with the option to taste. The Dorset, which I purchased is pungent and creamy all at the same time.

Farmers Market Treats
What else I got!

I bought a gorgeous whole grain loaf from Bread Alone. So fresh, chunky (i got it unsliced) and fresh I had a slice when I got home and it reminded me of better days. Add to this I bought, fresh Onions, spring onions, fresh strawberries, medium farm fresh eggs, artichokes, peonies, coriander, mint, courgettes and some.

If you are in or near Brooklyn I highly recommend the Cortelyou Farmers Market. It’s only open on Sundays, and its a great reason to get out of bed early this summer. Plus you can pop across the road to the Vox Pop Cafe for some brekkie if you must! I know I will be back – and I am so so very happy I have finally found a local farmers market.

More goodsFarmers Market

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  1. WOW..That’s awesome for that price. If/when you do go again, let me know. “D

  2. […] So when I saw a recipe on C&D for Beet, Goat Cheese and thyme dip..I had to have a crack at it. Especially after finding golden beets at my local farmers market! […]

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