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Kitchen Envy: Paint it black

Black Kitchen

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured a black kitchen on cravenmaven. Ironically my flat is a wash of colours and patterns, I suppose its true when they say we always want what we don’t have. (Besides who exactly are ‘they’??).

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak praise about the kitchen above. I came across it on a usual visit to the House Beautiful site. This kitchen is black and white in an effective and appealing way. How so?

– The main colour of the room, the walls, are white. A nice bright backdrop that stops the room from being heavy and cavelike. Sure, the cabinets are painted black, (stop humming that Rolling Stones tune!), but the white and chrome accessories and fixtures aid brightness and air to a room that could become stagnant with heavy colour.

– I love the insanely high cabinetry with glass fronted doors. Yes I am a tall person and as such biased, but it translates to storage space and a great way to cover the walls and make the room look ‘taller’.

– Besides the food, how many colours do you see in this kitchen? That’s right, only THREE. I respect a room that sticks to it’s palette and does it well. Even the appliances are in the colour scheme. This is an inexpensive trick to making a room look pulled together and polished. I love how it’s been executed here.

– Is that a carpeted floor? In the kitchen?? Not usually my forte, but the Grecian style pattern works so well in this space.

– Finally I heart the island. No, not the LOST island, we know that disappointed many, but the kitchen island. It is huge, practical – with a sink and able to serve during a variety of scenarios – an impromptu dinner table, a spot to cut, chop, mix with the kids, or a spot for the canapes during a party.

What are your thoughts?

image via house beautiful


6 Responses

  1. That kitchen is gorgeous, despite the rug! Would have looked great as tile though. Silver, white and black, yet it doesn’t look cold and futuristic, the cabinets and cook/dishware make it very homey looking.

    LOL-Not disappointed in the REAL Lost ending…but they can leave the sideways world on the cutting room floor. What a long con. We’ll talk.

  2. i love the monochrome – very elegant and sophisticated. i seriously hope that isn’t a carpet in the kitchen – if i had one in my kitchen it would get filthy very quickly!

  3. It’s sleek. I like cozier, more eclectic-looking kitchens, but I can see this one’s appeal.

  4. I think those are just two runners (the Moroccan Windowpane Rug) from West Elm going down either side of the island. i have a big one in my living room that I bought a few years ago. i think it’s just the way they’re placed that make it look carpeted.

    Also, I don’t think it came in black- mine’s the espresso color which leads me to believe that maybe that kitchen photographed darker than it really is. Maybe the wood is all a very dark espresso stain and not black?

    Regardless, you’re right, it’s a great example of a limited palette pulling a room together! I love those tall cabinets!

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