Morning tea..

Morning Tea

What a lovely weekend. Summer have finally broken or so it seems, with sweltering heat and one day tans…you should see my burnt little feet! But what a gastro haven this weekend was…more will follow about that later!

One constant feature of my life, being a Brit and all is Tea. I don’t care if people think it’s stereotypical, I just plain LOVE the stuff. Morning tea is especially emotionally and gustatively delightful. From the anticipation that looms while the kettle boils, to the aroma that wafts up when the water hits the tea leaves to the first experimental sip to the warmth it imbues from tongue to toe…ahh tea – it makes every morning a treat. I could wax lyrical about tea – and have done many times past – getting concerned only when I saw a documentary wherein a drug addict spoke about her love for painkillers with the same vernacular I used to discuss my love for tea..hmm…

Harney and sons tea

Why all this chat about tea? Because I was surprised, stunned even to see Harney and Son’s tea for sale at my local Duane Reade this weekend. Duane Reade! Isn’t that a pharmacy?? I suppose in an effort to be an ‘everymans store’ they are upping the quality of their products and rightly so. I must admit, I haven’t tasted many of the teas Harney offer, but I do have fantasies of buying one of every tin simply because they are so gorgeous.

Maybe now I will be more tempted to do so when picking up my shower gel and toothpaste!

images from mngc on flickr and harney and sons


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  1. Wow, you speak of tea-drinking like an art. How poetic, lol. I’m not a huge tea fan, but it’s true, when the aroma hits you it sends a warm feeling down your spine and for a brief instant, you are just comforted. Tea is good. 😀

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