A little summer something for the weekend?

Lemon lime fizz

Ah summer, NY is baking of late, with every day flirting with 80 degrees and higher! It’s this time of year that I love to mix and make my own drinks, especially as I have a fridge full of pre-cooled – glass ikea bottles. I am thinking I might have to start a summer libations category on this blog… especially after making a lovely batch of *Lime Wash last night.

In my travails for new summer drinks I came across a recipe for Lemon and Lime Fizz on Aussie site Beauty and Lace:

Coles’ Lemon-Lime Fizz

Serves: 8

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

160ml Coles branded Lime Juice Cordial

1.25L lemonade

500ml Coles branded Lemon Sorbet lemon or lime slices, to serve

Place 1 tablespoon lime cordial into each glass (1-cup capacity). Divide the lemonade between the glasses, and then add a scoop of sorbet. Add lemon and/or lime slices, and serve immediately.

Sounds simple enough! If you make it this weekend, let me know how it comes out – I for one will be experimenting! Have a great weekend!

*no, not the chemical lime wash! THIS lime wash is Jamaican home made limeade!

images and recipes from beauty and lace


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  1. My mouth is watering! Deeeeeelicious!

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