Bank hol bounty

Ice cream factory

Ahh bank holidays….don’t you luv ’em?

Almost everyone I spoke to this weekend had one, on both sides of the pond. There is something reassuring about a communal holiday being enjoyed by all. Mine was very busy with guests, errands and thinking…oh heavens, saer has been thinking! Not {always a good/bad thing} but we shall see.

Of course it was full of gastro treats like a trip to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (my favourite flavour there is peaches and cream) and a trip to one of my favourite Brooklyn restaurants (literally i go there on a near fortnightly basis of late..).

How was yours? I am still a little out of sorts..from my crazy bad/trying week last week so am all over the place with my posts – rest assured all will return to normal shortly.

image by robert chin


One Response

  1. I’m glad your day was fun, and better than last week, with whatever was going on (can’t be nosy! lol) Oooh, I’ve only went to the Ice cream factory once. The prices were high, but it’s all homemade. Mine was boring, and baby sitting sort of in the later evening.

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