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The procreative dinner..

First off, apologies for the lack of posts this week..it has been an eventful week – not necessarily of the good variety. I will spare the details, while I’m a little shook up, I will live and life goes on. I must say I am eternally grateful for good friends who step up at times of need and help you to look outside of yourself and have a good ole honest to goodness laugh. Now on with today’s post..

Procreative dinner

Procreation. We all know about it, some of us may have even successfully done it – but where do the lines of baby makin’ blur with gastronomy? No, no, I don’t mean aphrodisiac foods or suggestive baked goods – I mean looking at one thing (procreation), through the eyes or process of another (gastronomy). Enter The Procreative Dinner, an edible artistic foray and statement about..well..begetin’ and what it means in today’s society.

The artist Prune Nourry, puts her work this way: based on the idea of a child «à la carte», and creates a reflection about how the new techniques of assisted procreation lead us to an artificial evolution of the human being through selection.

The artist associates her art to a chef étoilé and a specialized scientist and designs a meal around a «clinical process» – which moved through all stages of child conception, from in-vitro fertilization to choosing the sex of the child.

During this dinner, spectator becomes an integral part of the happening. He is ‘procreative’ because he creates, from cocktail to dessert and following step by step an assisted conception, his “perfect child”.

I highly recomend you check out the video of this exhibit. Its an edible journey fron IVF ‘cocktails’ to Frozen Embryos to Amniocentesis (in the form of a sauce poured onto the main course) to Delivery of the baby (an edible baby form on the plate) to Dessert – the option to ‘breast feed’ or ‘bottle feed’.

This really is something else, I love it when someone creatively thinks..not even outside the box, but just on a different plane altogether. No word as to if/when there will be another procreative dinner – but there is no doubt that if at all possible I would love to be a witness to it.

image prune nourry


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