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Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Why facial hair rocks

Facial hair and dining don’t usually go hand in hand, unless you have the misfortune of finding an errant hair in your meal..Personally I think facial hair visually rocks (on men, not women..I did meet a real live bearded lady once..). It’s like an accessory for your face. Though I must say, the usual rash that ensues from contact with said facial hair..not so pleasant. But why all this ‘tache talk?

Because this weeks Etsy offerings are dedicated to Moustache-ness.

Mustache Mug made from Reclaimed Ceramic Mug

Mustache Mug made from Reclaimed Ceramic Mug

These mugs are sandblasted by Amanda Siska and her husband in their little studio. Handmade stencils, created from Amanda’s original artwork.. applied by hand. The etched designs are permanent, and the mugs are sturdy and dishwasher-safe. How cool is that? Pick it up at Trillium Artisans for $20 bucks!

Mustache Rocks Glasses

Mustache Rocks Glasses

Shot glasses have become an all too common sight for me of late. It’s been *that* sort of week. The incongruous nature of these shot glasses had me chuckling – in a very sober sort of way of course. Bread and Badger a husband and wife studio, sandblast these themselves, which I believe more than accounts for the $34 price tag.

Retro Moustache Tote Bag

Retro Moustache Tote Bag

It’s no secret that I hate supermarket plastic bags and often lug my own reuseable eco bags to the shops over and over again. I was tickled pink when I saw these Moustache Totes by The Bold Banana. Fun n’est ce pas? And only 8 bucks to boot! Even manly men, wouldn’t be embarrassed carrying this to the local Trader Joes.

Mustaches on Natural Organic Cotton Dinner Napkins - Set of 4

Mustaches on Natural Organic Cotton Dinner Napkins – Set of 4

There are no words that can express the kick I got out of these DINING DISGUISES!! I can just see it now, everyone gathered around the dinner table, polite chit chat, the height of decorum exhibited as one eats oh so politely..a drip, oh! let me use the napkin to get that…aaaaannnd MOUSTACHE ATTACK!! hehe. Yes, I am a vegetarian, but I am sadly, quite a ham. Dinners should never be stuffy or boring. These napkins are a must methinks! Only $39 at Parish HW get it before it’s gone..

So there you have it.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


3 Responses

  1. These Mustache items are so adorable! My dad had his mustache for like twenty-five years give or take before he took the shave…okay, in between, he went bare, but it hardly lasted a month. I love the old fashioned mustaches, like the Villains, when they twirl them! heehee!

    • I know! I remember this girl I used to work with had a friend with a crazy handlebar moustache..they used to call him ‘the gay professor’ because thats what it looked like..so funny.

  2. ah, i love the napkins!

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