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Etsy Tuesday: B sides..

I am very much aware that it is Wednesday Thursday. But as is often the case, my life is a little..busy right now, so I am running a day two days late with my posts, my mind and well, my life! Ahh, but tomorrow is another day eh?

B-sides. I am a huge fan of b-sides, they contain songs that the artist can’t fit into or don’t release to the regular released; the songs that land on the edit floor. Funnily enough, I always end up loving b-sides, sometimes more than the A-side tracks. As you can imagine, when trawling through etsy, I bookmark a lot of great stuff that just doesn’t make it into a regular etsy t-t-tuesday post.

This post therefore is full of some of the ‘b-side’ kitchen tools that haven’t made the cut, and is in honour of all the b-side songs out there that I just plain luv.

Vintage Blue Pottery Casserole

Vintage Blue Pottery Casserole

This was a b-side from last week’s ‘keeping it casserole‘ post. This didn’t make the cut because despite its clean lines and simple beauty – it didn’t add to the diversity I was hoping to portray..in the world of casseroles ( yeah I think I have a problem..). Either way, it is currently on sale for $32 at ZenHen.

Dansk Kobenstyle Red Casserole With Lid - 2 Quart

Dansk Kobenstyle Red Casserole With Lid – 2 Quart

Oh all things Dansk, how I do love thee. Who couldn’t love a cast iron pot that has a lid that works as a trivet? Oh and it’s only $25 from Modapple a great etsy store.

Danish Modern Style Wood Glass Cake Plate

Danish Modern Style Wood Glass Cake Plate

My sister thinks I have an ‘old lady habit’ of collecting cake stands and what not. Truth be told, I just plain love cake. If I had more space it would no doubt be filled with cake stands, cupcake tiers and more. But I wish I could add to my collection this sweet wood and glass one currently at the butter dish’s shop for $24.

Barceloneta - Metallic 12x12 Photo

Barceloneta – Metallic 12×12 Photo

I do talk about having art in the kitchen a lot and I swear buy it. It gives you something to look at and focus on while sipping on the high octane black stuff that starts the day off just right. This Barcelona beachscape was shot on a holga – so has that nice highly saturated deal going on that whisks you away to a world of nostalgia. Bomobobis touting it for $50 a pop.

Vintage French Glass Floral Canister

Vintage French Glass Floral Canister

I firmly believe that one can never have enough hermetic lidded jars, (you can sometimes add the sealy plastic bit if its missing from an old one). I use them for my jams, salts and special pickled peppers (which goes oh so well in an omlette..yum!). Buying a variety of vintage ones adds a sweet decorative aspect to the kitchen, I don’t know what to say, but it always makes me smile. This gem is available at yellohello for $8.

So there you have it.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


2 Responses

  1. I know what you mean about the b-sides..they contain the rare little gems that you grow more attached to. Aww, I know how you’re feeling, you’ll catch up. 😀 Nice kitchenware!

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