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What’s cooking my *blogships?

A little late today, nutty work day, but here it is – a round up off all the foodish inspired posts from some of my fave blogs in the past week.

Braised Ox Tail

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: trotski & ash
blogger: sarah & romy
post i loved: Braised Ox Tail

Ahh Oxtail. I know you well. It’s funny, yes I am a vegetarian, yes my parents are Jamaican, but no I don’t nor ever have been a huge fan of Oxtail. For some reason this fact perplexes people I meet in NY. “But your parents are Jamaican!” they gasp. Yes, yes they are. I don’t know what it is about oxtail that I never found exceptionally yummy. I don’t hate it. But I just didn’t like to eat it. I was always impressed at how remarkably tender it was – sort of reminded me of a good moussaka. The gals of T&A have provided a recipe that incorporates red wine..pretty sure my mum never added THAT! But if you are so inclined give it a try..if you’ve never had oxtail before you may be surprised how much you like it. Or not.

Sweet Paul magazine

blogroll category: designy
blog name/url: The Bedlam of Beefy
blogger: Uncle Beefy
post i loved: Paul has a Magazine! Sweet!

A new addition to the ole blogroll, bedlam of beefy is a well written, carefully curated blog run by…well..”Uncle Beefy”. (oh the images that conjures!). Nevertheless, the post, Paul has a magazine! Sweet! caught my eye. Why, firstly because it’s about a new foodie magazine with recipes and images to die for (read: gastroporn). So check out bedlam of beefy if you get the chance, and of course, check out the sweet paul magazine.

Marin Living: Home Tours

blogroll category: mags
blog name/url: dwell blog
blogger: Aaron Britt
post i loved: Marin Living: Home Tours

Modern homes staging an open house in the Bay Area? Yes please! Aaron Britt blogged about the first AIASF home tour of the year over at Dwell. How I wish I could have gone to see wonderful kitchens the like of that shown above..sigh. But alas. Thanks to the interweb though one can drool over the slideshow Aaron put together for those of us who want a taste of what the tour would have on show!

Vintage scale at Hindsvik

blogroll category: vintage housewares
blog name/url: Hindsvik
blogger/owner: Daniel and Valeria
post/email/item i loved: American Family Scale

Yes, yes I love vintage scales. And last week Hindsvik posted this doozy on the etsy store. How lovely is it?? And at $45 it’s not half bad.

*blogships is a rip on an email I got that opened with ‘ what’s cooking my friendships?’

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


2 Responses

  1. I like those fruit photos, and all of the windows in that house.

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