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Fantasies of eating while the wind blows in my hair..

Picnic Wish list
1. Hickoree’s canvas mason bag with leather bottom – $79. 2. Toast blanket. 3. Liberty of London for Target Dunclare tumbler – $19.99 for eight. 4. Seconds dessert plates – $99 for four. 5. Enamel camping mugs. 6. Three-tier tiffin box – $25. 7. T-Towel – 8.50GBP. 8. Stripey Straws – $10 per pack. 9. Pick Nick table cloth (which says in tiny letters ‘enjoy your dinner’ in dutch) – from 109 euros. 10. Nineteenth century inspired plastic cutlery – $120 for set of 16.

I’ve been entertaining thoughts dear readers. Thought’s of having a picnic this summer. A real honest to goodness picnic, my style – no less. Particularly in Bryant Park prior and during one of their free Monday night movie screenings. The Monday night movies is by far one of my favourite things to do in NY in the summer. Two thousand or more people, sprawled on a lawn, literally in the middle of the busy city, watching an old classic together. Ooh-ing and Ahh-ing at all the right moments, jumping in surprise when the scene calls for it – laughing, living, breathing the (almost) fresh air and relaxing while the rest of the city quite literally rushes past you. It is truly – Magical. To me at least.

Maybe this year will be the year when I bring the above (wish list of items!!) and feed my friends who are there – just nice finger foods – fruits, crackers, cookies, spreads (if they last the heat..). I really do hate plastic cutlery and plates so opt for ‘real’ plates, and ‘tea towels’ for napkins so i can wrap up the dirty plates after. I know, I know, it would probably be heavy to carry but you can’t say style doesn’t come with a price! I also love the Pick Nick plastic table cloth by previously featured Ontwerpduo – it says ‘enjoy your dinner’ in tiny dutch writing to look like gingham. Ahh..sending subliminal messages of positivity – always a good thing in my book!

all images from the respective vendors linked


6 Responses

  1. I am so up for a picnic! I’ll probably be hostage here this summer anyway, no vacations, etc. I’ll need to do all the fun and local things I can…preferably affordable too. 😀

  2. I keep dreaming of picnics too! Had our first one over the weekend in the Adirondacks. It was perfectly spontaneous and lovely. Now I need to get more going!

  3. I’m in love with the idea 2! can’t wait for summer so much to do in this wonderful city…..

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