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The procreative dinner..

First off, apologies for the lack of posts this week..it has been an eventful week – not necessarily of the good variety. I will spare the details, while I’m a little shook up, I will live and life goes on. I must say I am eternally grateful for good friends who step up at times of need and help you to look outside of yourself and have a good ole honest to goodness laugh. Now on with today’s post..

Procreative dinner

Procreation. We all know about it, some of us may have even successfully done it – but where do the lines of baby makin’ blur with gastronomy? No, no, I don’t mean aphrodisiac foods or suggestive baked goods – I mean looking at one thing (procreation), through the eyes or process of another (gastronomy). Enter The Procreative Dinner, an edible artistic foray and statement about..well..begetin’ and what it means in today’s society.

The artist Prune Nourry, puts her work this way: based on the idea of a child «à la carte», and creates a reflection about how the new techniques of assisted procreation lead us to an artificial evolution of the human being through selection.

The artist associates her art to a chef étoilé and a specialized scientist and designs a meal around a «clinical process» – which moved through all stages of child conception, from in-vitro fertilization to choosing the sex of the child.

During this dinner, spectator becomes an integral part of the happening. He is ‘procreative’ because he creates, from cocktail to dessert and following step by step an assisted conception, his “perfect child”.

I highly recomend you check out the video of this exhibit. Its an edible journey fron IVF ‘cocktails’ to Frozen Embryos to Amniocentesis (in the form of a sauce poured onto the main course) to Delivery of the baby (an edible baby form on the plate) to Dessert – the option to ‘breast feed’ or ‘bottle feed’.

This really is something else, I love it when someone creatively thinks..not even outside the box, but just on a different plane altogether. No word as to if/when there will be another procreative dinner – but there is no doubt that if at all possible I would love to be a witness to it.

image prune nourry


A place to park in the park..

Salvor Lawn Chair

In my ongoing obsessiion with picnicking..I wonder if I can justify this {little bit hipster}, but {lotta bit practical and kewl looking} lawn chair…Made by NY designer Salvor, it comes in three colour/design options and sells for $89 here.

image by project no. 8

With my ongoing obsession with picnicing..

Picnic set

..I stumbled across this on huset this morning. What the heck is in the strapped up container I wondered..and then I saw, and I melted – behold!

Picnic set details

A picnic set! My palate watered, my palms went clammy and my heart raced. Satisfies my obsession with putting things in containers? CHECK, appeals to my ongoing want/need/desire to go picnicing? CHECK. Aesthetically delicious? CH-CH-CHECK! Readers, we have a trifecta.

Designed by Swede Carina Ahlburg, the melamine set comprises of plates, cups and tableware for four persons, housed in a bowl for serving and storage – with stainless steel cutlery it appeals to my hatred of using plastic ‘cutlery’ in public settings. It’s practical, as well as ‘kewl looking’. Carina’s philosophy of combining aesthetic values with usefulness and contextual meaning to create products that meet market needs is clearly exhibited with this piece. I believe it is one for my {ever growing} wishlist!

images from huset

Not THAT ‘big salad’ but MY big salad..

Craven Big Salad

It never ceases to amaze me how relevant Seinfeld is to day-to-day life even though it left the airways over a decade ago. A testimony to the cyclical nature of human behaviour no doubt. Which is why those of you who are fans of the show would likely get the reference in today’s blog post title and likely chuckled.

There are few things I love to eat more than MY big salad. MY big salad has been known to stop nosey co-workers in their tracks..wide-eyed staring co-workers, their mouths agape and brain drooling as I chow down on a crunch fest too big for the plate its hosted on. MY big salad has been known to make a lot of noise, MY big salad has been known to be an olfactive cocktail of delight. Not to boast..but seriously, it does taste pretty darn good.

Almost every time the ingredients change as it varies depending on my mood, fridge contents, and urgency of eating. The lack of hard and fast rules makes it an emotionally satisfying dish as well as a satiating one. One recent salad frenzy resulted in the above image, but the steps are usually the same.

1. I mix and wash arugula and baby spinach using in a pink salt bath..just cos..
2. There is something about the way mushrooms look like button noses that appeals to me.
3. Olive – Oh seasoned olives, one of my favourite sources of sodium and visual interest.
4. Plum tomatoes are my favourite to add to salads, mostly because I like their shape when I hold them.
5. Boiled eggs diced – a great source of protein and colour!
6. Ground flaxseed meal – I sprinkle this on oh so much stuff..it gives a nice rough feel to the salad greens. Texture, texture.
7. Sweetcorn. This was one of the few veggies I frequently ate as a child, its incorporation in my salads serves as gastro-nostalgia.
8. Vigorously mix the greens, toms, flax, mushrooms and olives in a bowl.
9. Add the egg and sweetcorn and gently fold in so as to not separate the yolks too much. Sprinkle in some feta cheese.
10. VOILA! Serve with a drizzle of your favourite dressing. I am currently digging Trader Joes vinegarette or feta cheese dressing. YUM!

What do you love to put in your salad??

Big sale at Anthropologie..

Nymphea Servingware

If you haven’t already heard, Anthropologie is having one of their biggest sales of the year right now. There are some great dining wares on sale such as the above Nymphea platter and serving bowl at over 50% off!!!!

I highly recommend you check out the sale either in store or online. Happy Friday Shopping!!

image from anthropologie


I am going to a picnic **does funky little dance**. Dears, tis the small things, that truly makes us happy isn’t it? While out this morning, two like minded friends made the suggestion (lets go picnic!), decided on a location (central park!!), a time and date and we all squealed (or made some equal or greater sound that equated to an exhibition of excitement).

It’s sunny..summer is coming..I can’t wait to feel the air on my eyelashes and the sun on my skin – all while chatting and chewing with friends old and new, oh and people watching. Cannot forget the people watching!

I have already started staking out etsy for some potential picnic basket ideas…hmm.. a vintage picnic basket, a fancy modern one?!

Vintage picnic basket
From June the First on etsy

Louis Vuitton Picnic Case
Louis Vuitton Picnic Case

Ahh decisions, decisions..(who am I kidding, there is no way I could afford a Louis Vuitton anything, much less a picnic trunk!)

images from etsy and RDuJour

In the mornings..

..my sometimes breakfast looks something like this:

Fruit and Yog

Raspberries, blueberries, bananas atop 0% fat greek yogurt. Most of the time I will sprinkle on some roast almonds and honey..not only is it delicious but it contains four, count them, FOUR ingredients that are great for your abs!

Food is great, but if it isn’t doing something for you almost every time you eat it, you are working against yourself. It is really easy to eat good nutritious and tasty meals that help you stay in shape (of course exercise is a must!!). If you don’t already, I highly recommend signing up to the Womens Health newsletter (even if you are a dude). Every day you will get some good tips for eating right, optimal work outs and giveaways. It might seem like a chore to change the way you eat at first, but once you get used to it and see results the change becomes second nature.

Start the day right and you won’t regret it – I promise you!