Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Keeping it Dansk..

Dansk design is becoming more and more popular in the US and rightly so. There is something about the lines and intricacies in the work that comes out of Scandinavia that reminds one of the workmanship of yesteryear mixed with an aesthetic that is timeless. Heaven knows, they work a piece of teak like nobody’s business. But what about kitchen tools? Say, the good ole ‘Dutch Pot’? I remember as a kid, my mum had a cast iron ‘Dutch Oven’ that she’d got from Jamaica. It was very very well used, and to this day I remember the amazing kidney and onions she would whip up in that thing. Mmm…yum!

But what about a Dutch, Dutch pot? Yes, there are the Le Creuset’s and Staubs of the world and they are lovely..but let’s take it vintage. Let’s go back to the source..

Dansk IHQ Kobenstyle Enamelware Large Dutch Oven Covered Pot Aqua Turquoise

Dansk IHQ Kobenstyle Enamelware Large Dutch Oven Covered Pot Aqua Turquoise

This – is – the Hottness! First of all the colour matches the colour scheme I have established for my kitchen tools, and look at that wonderful ‘cross’ handle, and soft curves on the handle. At 10″ across this pot is a decent size – and yes, it has some wear, but this IS vintage, and any pot worth its salt has been worked and worked hard. Like a human, its going to show some wear n tear. Priced at $60, my first thought was that this is a bit pricey. But in reality a new dutch pot would cost much more and wouldn’t have the flair of this one. Plus it is clean inside and out – with only the minor chips here and there to take away from it. Visit bit o butter’s store for the details.

Red Dansk IQ Kobenstyle Paella Pan

Red Dansk IQ Kobenstyle Paella Pan

Do you like Paella? Best Paella I ever had, hands down, was in this little restaurant in Seville, Spain. We sat at a little table on the cobbled street and scoffed the best paella known to man. I’ve never tried to make a paella..hmm, maybe I should look into a recipe for a vegetarian version, but if I did make it, I would want it to be in this pot. Ooh, look at those curves…GORGEOUS! Priced at just $25 this is such a bargain, especially as it seems to be in fantastic condition. Mod Apple has it for sale, run don’t walk there please.

Vintage Dansk Kobenstyle Enameled Pot Pan - Jens Quistgaard IHQ - Open Roaster Casserole - Orange

Vintage Dansk Kobenstyle Enameled Pot Pan – Jens Quistgaard IHQ – Open Roaster Casserole – Orange

I’ve been in the market for a roaster for a little while now. However, I am specifically looking for a slate grey or carribbean blue one from Le’s just not happening. Then I saw this..a gorgeous, polished, funky handled roaster in the Dansk Kobenstyle – isn’t it a beaut? I refuse to buy it because the colour doesn’t go with my scheme (one must have some sort of rules to avoid going nuts!!). But I hope someone out there is able to snatch this up, it appears to be in near flawless condition! It’s $60 and on sale at one of my favourite etsy sellers, blue flower vintage.

Dansk Kobenstyle Skillet by Quistgaard

Dansk Kobenstyle Skillet by Quistgaard

One of my favourite Americanisms, nay Brooklynism’s to say is that someone has ‘mad skillz’, as in, they are very talented. To apply the same thought to the above this is indeed a ‘mad skillet’ (ok that was lame, but let me run with it. Please?). The detail of having the wooden handle is lovely. It gives it a rustic feel but also a practical element, (have you ever grabbed a hold of your cast iron skillet when its on the stove? Ok then you know just what I mean). The vibrant colour is lovely and again its near flawless. At only $45 bucks I will be surprised if Hold the Wire has this in their store for long..

Dansk Kobenstyle yellow lidded dutch oven casserole Quistgaard

Dansk Kobenstyle yellow lidded dutch oven casserole Quistgaard

Another offering from Hold the Wire. This dutch pot is just two quarts to almost half the size of the blue one in this post. The colour just blows my mind, it looks like it could glow in the dark! But in a very subdued gray/white kitchen, this pop of colour would absolutely, totally rock! It’s only $48 to boot.

So there you have it.

I hope you see something you like on here and add it to your collection!br>

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


6 Responses

  1. my wife (katie) and i have been wanting a good dutch oven for awhile.

    cant find a good one for a price!

    • A dutch oven will change your life. since i got mine all my other pots are sorely neglected! Are any of these ones good for you?

      Let me know your budget and if you have a colour preference and I will keep an eye out for you!

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  3. Great minds definitely think alike! I actually bought the blue pot, which was featured in my initial post but after a little disappointment with the receipt I pulled it from my post….we were actually 4 for 4 🙂

    Love your blog. Thanks for finding me!

  4. […] all things Dansk, how I do love thee. Who couldn’t love a cast iron pot that has a lid that works as a trivet? […]

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