Diner Diner

Diner Food*

There are some cultural disparities that become increasingly evident when living in the states. One is my love for diners and diner food. My friends find it …weird. I love it because I haven’t seen much like it. Yes, we have Cafe’s in the UK but the prevalence and 24 hour ‘breakfastness’ of diner’s has my heart. It doesn’t help that the food is a little bit bad for you..but churned out in these small mom n pop establishments like its good ole home cookin.

I get excited when I visit a diner – the menus read like a phone book and it never ceases to amaze me that you can choose almost anything from the sometimes hundreds of items.

Years ago when I worked in post-production, I saw an edit of a documentary a guy did about people who ‘tour the country’ visiting diners just for the love of it. I was literally spell bound – imagine visiting small towns, large cities and indulging in omlettes, chips (aka fries), sundaes, thick shakes, greek salads – over and over and over again, for the sake of documentary. I could do that.

Sadly, I didn’t join the ‘diner tours’ but I do make it a personal goal to hit a diner whenever I travel. It’s a treat every once in a while and often supports a small family owned business. Can’t go wrong with that!

I have to say that Belgian waffles and fruit used to be my diner staple, but nowadays its a feta/onion omlette…if I am naughty with chips! What about you? What is your favourite diner dish?

*image from ripizzo on flickr – as my image server is down!


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  1. I love diners too. Sometimes you already know what’s on the menu, but it doesn’t stop you from spending a while looking through it. lol. I always find myself ordering the gyros and greek salads when I go to the diners, but there’s nothing better than the good old Bacon cheeseburger deluxes with the pickles and coleslaw. I adore coleslaw and love trying it out in different diners. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is making it at home. I think I will soon.

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