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Tax time wishlist!

If you live in the US of A, you will well know that April 15th was the deadline to mail in one’s taxes. It’s such a laborious, painful event that feels like the mother of all gambles. Will I get a return? Will I owe? I have friends who handsomely and poorly fall into both categories this year.

So then I got to thinking, after seeing a post…somewhere in this interweb..about tax time wishlists where a guy scored the most gorgeous tulip chair as a ‘gift to himself’ at tax time. What an idea! So…here below, please find my ‘wishlist’ from which I would choose to splurge on!

Digsmed Spice Rack
Digsmed Spice Rack

I think these bad boys are gooooorgeous! The beautiful teak wood, the subtle curves of the spice jars..and it rotates?! Ahhh, a statement piece in of itself. Though these can be tough to get ahold of, if you keep a diligent eye on ebay and from time to time google search it – they do pop up. Most recently I found one in a Canadian Retro Modern store for $120CAD. A lot for a spice rack? Well, this is a wishlist, and for something so rare and sculptural, totally worth it imo.

Le Creuset Grey
Le Creuset Dutch Pot – Slate Gray

Collecting Le Creuset is like collecting art, or baseball cards. It’s a pretty fierce market and when ‘pieces’ pop up on ebay there is a mad bun fight to get one. I have items in carribbean blue but would love to accent it with a couple of slate gray items. I hear that some of the Le Creuset outlets have slate gray bits n bobs..in the meantime, i drool at whatever pops up on the ‘bay that I just can’t afford!

Pale and Interesting Egg Cups
Modern Botanicals Egg Cups

Available from Pale and Interesting in the UK. The cups are so adorable. I have a thing for butterflies and insects on stuff, the images not the real things, and these cups are so twee that I know it would encourage me to have a boiled egg and soldiers for brekkie.

Hickorees bag

Mason Bag

I know what you are thinking..this bag has been getting some serious blog lovin’ the last few weeks/months, and for good reason. It is so versatile! You see the fashion savvy posting about it being a great accessory, artists claiming it will lug their wares stylishly from one place to another and me. I see this as the ultimate picnic ‘basket’ for 2010. I can just see it now, at an outdoor movie screening, on a checkered throw, opening said bag only to produce, an array of tiffin’s and brightly coloured mugs and plasticware. Oh I wish, I wish..available at Hickorees..but of course you already knew that.

Golden Beet Hazelnut Salad
photo by Karen Mordechai
An entire summer of classes at Sunday Suppers

Where I would learn to make such yumminess as the Golden Beet and Hazelnut salad shown above. I am constantly wowed by the wonderful dishes the folks at Sunday Suppers churn out week after week and can only dream of going to class, creating something wonderful, then swinging home via the local farmers market to replicate the goodness at home.

all images courtesy of the vendors listed


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  1. i too would love a le creuset pot and those egg cups are gorgeous!

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