Kitchen Envy: Keepin’ it coloured

Couleur de ciel

Ah colour. I have a love hate relationship with colour. When I was younger, my dad (whose favourite colour is RED), used to ask me why I perpetually dressed like I was about to attend a funeral. Maybe all those years ago I knew I would be a New Yorker..Truth be told, I do LOVE colour and have massive respect for people who know how to mix it and work it well. In clothing OR interiors.

I came across this kitchen in Marie Claire Maison via Trendwelt, a blog I love muchly. The punchy colour is amazing..maybe because I love blue, (two rooms in my apt are shades of blue and my accent colour for kitchen tools is a carribbean blue). Granted this ‘kitchen’ above looks more like a pantry area, but lets face it, these things make it fantastic:

– Hello patterned blue tile! The tile has a very mediterranean feel to it. They are highly graphic, a little floral but so punchy they are a character in of themselves. Almost like a wipeable, hardy wallpaper for this space. I love the boldness and decorative aspect of the tile.

– The unabashed array of coloured and patterened crockery. Isn’t it bold to have such a mash of colour and pattern accessorize a very strong room? Yet it somehow works. I chalk it up to ‘flea market chic’.

– The conveniences – a sink! lighting! and seating! In such a tiny space, these few conveniences elevate this from just a mere larder to something more..a practical spot that you can close the doors and work in, or hide the mess from the rest of the world.

Of course this space has one of my favourites – the open shelving, both upper and lower – which I love for displaying ones wares. Such a lovely space, so humble and vibrant.

image from marie claire maison


2 Responses

  1. Love the blue tones. Feels like the Greek islands in summer with a splash of color.

    • Ahh Greece. Maybe that’s why I am so drawn to this space. It has that juicy watery blueness that I associate with tranquility and relaxation.

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