A little bit off and on..

Macbook Pro

My comp unceremoniously crashed last night. I have been soo peeved. The long of it is, the wonderful tech guy I spoke to this morn, got it back on, the short of it is that there is something very off. So i have a dr appt, nay genius bar appt this aft that is going to mess up my usual posting schedule..bah!

Hopefully all will be fixed and back to normal soon..in the meantime don’t forget to enter the Liberty for Target giveaway..hopefully I will be back online soon to be able to announce the winner tomorrow!!

image by fpeault, how I wish that was my comp! so rad..


2 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. That is my future nightmare, the day the comp implodes or crashes. 😦 Probably won’t be too long now since I had this baby mac mini since 2006. 😛

    • I’m heading back from tech support now my battery had fried but all data is intact. Thank goodness!

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