Elegant Vintage wedding table styling

Elegant vintage table settings

I love weddings as much if not more than the next girl. Always have. As a kid I think it was the games, (we always played musical chairs at weddings) coupled with the abundance of food and good dancing. As I grew up the opportunity to don glad rags was a draw and slowly developed into a great respect for the meaning behind the vows taken (let’s not touch on my commitment phobias whether real or imagined!!).

But having been a wedding photographer in the past, the visual aesthetic that one could create for a wedding become one of my most favourite things out of all favourites.

BAM event

Recently the BAM held a ‘here comes the bride‘ event where event designer Jillian Clark, calligrapher – Love Jenna and Blossom + Branch created the most divine vintage inspired table setting. The gorgeous set up hit so many of my gastro-life wishlist items: Vintage China? Check, gold rimmed vintage stemware? Check. Intimate and colourful wildflower centerpiece? Check. The setting is simply beautiful and perfect for an outdoor party, wedding based or otherwise. For more info about the event, see 100 layer cake.

images from 100 layer cake


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