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Why gaze when you can ogle?

Ogle Lights

This post is somewhat overdue. I had planned to create it last week but alas, the strep throat was not having any of that! None the less, I am pleased to present you with another ‘Practical Conceptualism‘ post, except, this time, this item has actually been produced and sold. Nevertheless, I still thought it was worth the post!

Ogle, pictured above, is a lighting concept created by the Swedish design house ‘Form us with Love‘.

Form us with love

Getting it’s start in 2005 by Jonas Pettersson, John Lofgren and Petrus Palmer, Form us with love aims to challenge the convention through design initiatives. Based in Stockholm the studio focuses on innovative product, furniture and lighting design. Something they do well, as they boast international clientele as well as a healthy curriculum vitae of international exhibits and awards.

“CravenMaven:, you say, “lighting? Seriously?” Yes seriously. Have a look in your kitchen. What is your lighting like? In my space I have a horrid flourescent ring light in the middle of the kitchen and a window for natural daylight. Some of my friends have light panels and more have one solitary bulb fixture. But what about if we got more creative with our lighting?

Ogle light

Form us with love designed Ogle for renowned Swedish lighting manufacturer, Atelje Lyktan. Think of it as a spotlight meets minimalist pendant lamp. I think this thing is stylin’, yes, a spot light in your kitchen would make your kitchen tools, and cooking skills look that much more impressive, but in of themselves they look like art pieces; especially when grouped together at various heights.

Ogle Cluster

A cluster of Ogle’s together create some sort of manic chandelier piece. With their bulbous rear they look somewhat cartoonish, though for me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you need serious – the matte black soft lacquer finish gives it that contemporary air. The kitchen is really the heart of the home and with light fixtures like these installed, they would not only provide the practical element of lighting for an evening soiree but they would also be a great conversation piece. Let’s face it. Everyone is going to end up in the kitchen to chat no matter how stoosh your home is. Why not do all you can to make it be a formidably designed room in of itself. With fixtures that reflect one’s style as well as any other room?

Ogle light

Ogle has LED fittings. As they don’t have filaments or moving parts LED’s can withstand shaking and vibrating without breaking. They don’t use ballasts which can fail and become a fire hazard and they work well in hot or cold environments and can withstand moderate power surges. LEDs are not bothered by frequent cycling on or off and can be left on for extended periods without generating much heat. Aspects that are useful for any part of the house, not least one’s kitchen where there is frequent traffic.

So yes, lighting. Like you’ve never seen, nor will ever forget. More info here.

images from form us with love


One Response

  1. I love it!! I like the round bottom and the spotlight effect. I love a dim ambiance, but sometimes you need to shed a little light on the subject.

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