Kitchen Envy: At The Selby

The Selby has been getting a hecka lot of blog lovin’ of late. And rightly so. I cannot tell you how many times on a rotten work day, I would punctuate it with a quick browse of the sites most recent offerings. It would lift me out of my slump and invigorate me to..create! The creative people featured on the Selby are such characters their belongings and surrounds are so inspirational, it changes the way you look at things. So today, is just a round up of great kitchens and vignettes from The Selby, oh and don’t forget to check out the book… ‘The Selby is in your place‘, out now.

Crazy Artistic VignetteCrazy Art Vignette

Now this is what I call art in the kitchen!

Knives Knives Knives

This is a highly practical magnetic strip for knifes, I’ve never seen tongs on this before..good idea. There is something about this shot though, that gives me a serial killer vibe…

Pots n potsMoka

What a lovely holiday home kitchen. It is so snug and rustic – the collection of pots hanging above the old stove is very darling, well to me it is at least. And it is my belief that every stove should have a Moka pot atop it! Every single one!

Photo gallery fridge

A fridge as a photo gallery…A FRIDGE AS A PHOTO GALLERY! I love it and am going to remove all the ephemera I currently have stuck all over my refrigerator. Its going to be all photo from hereonout.


I just love that there is a regular framed portrait on the kitchen’s a little random, especially as this is a tiny kitchen. But you’ve just got to love it.

all images by the selby


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