Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: The art edition

It’s that time again. Goodness it comes fast don’t it? So this week in the spirit of ‘something different’ I am presenting some great art pieces for the kitchen space. We all know I am a huge fan of art in the kitchen that doesn’t look like vegetables or something equally domestically boring. So feast your eyes on these treats and consider them for broadening your mind while you cook from the heart.

Landing ApproachStructure no. 2

Landing Approach and Structure no. 2 by Connect Design

It’s funny. These pieces remind me of a friend of mine who believes in light and logic. There is something very precise and logical about these pieces, yet they are colourful and repetitively comforting in the choice of colours and shape. These mix media pieces would make a great diptych, Landing Approach is currently available and is priced at $400 while Structure No. 2 is $100 bucks. Get them at Connect Design while you still can!

GleeFlying High

Glee and Flying High by Bomobob

Ah nostalgia. It’s something isn’t it? Being a kid, running around at the fun fair, riding the merry go round, eating too much candy floss and puking, laughing, puking – only if your tummy can’t take it. Mine did heh. Bomobob has some great nostalgic fun fair pics that I just couldn’t resist. It makes me smile…The prints are 8×8 photos and would look great matted and framed well. Glee is priced at $30 and Flying High is on sale for $25. Have at it!

Caravan Series two

Caravan (two) and Aloha (two) by Leah Giberson

I am a huge fan of Leah Giberson, I even own an original of hers…wish it was two but alas. Recently she has been painting caravans in all their shapes and forms. It’s a little retro and a lot of kewl.

Aloha (two)

Aloha and Caravan are both $35..a steal for a limited edition giclee. Get em while they are hott.

Sticker Set

Sticker set and Small to Large by Abby Trys Again

Ok, so there is a little bit of foodie-ness with these pictures by Abby trys again. But consider the idea of stickers in the kitchen! Why not? I bet when you were a kid you stuck stickers everywhere…so why not the walls of the heart of the home? hehe ok maybe not, but framed these could be a great vignette of lil pics. What’s more they only cost $4.75!

Small to Large

This is just a lovely print. The subtle tones of the eggs and concrete surface are pure bliss imo. A great foodie-ish shot for the kitchen and a steal at $25..

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


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