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Brekkie for a sickie and a return to the abs diet..


So, I am not well right now. I don’t know how I caught it but this gnarly cold/flu thing is getting on my nerves. I hate not being able to ‘do’. I got all brave yesterday and ran out to the shops and stuff between working only to be knocked out by 930pm. 930! sheesh. So I am taking it {easier} today. Above is a shot of my brekkie this morn, it just looked so good I couldn’t resist taking a pic. A slice of wholewheat toast smeared with natural peanut butter and a slice of soy bacon. Coupled with a cuppa indian chai tea and i’m golden. Oh and don’t forget the Urban Outfitters mag open at the page of that blouse I want to get for the summer.

That being said, I’ve become a little bit of a happy round craven maven this winter so am getting myself in gear and getting back on the abs diet. For anyone who has wanted to get in shape and is not adverse to exercise (you have to work out if you want to be in shape imo..), you must check out the abs diet. It’s not a diet so much as a way of living, and is easily customizeable to a vegetarian diet. Last year I did it and within 6 months my ‘fat’ jeans couldn’t even be held up with a belt, it was crazy..you don’t even realise how much you are burning fat til your clothes start fitting really really well. I highly recommend it.

Keep your eyes peeled for a very special craven maven post next week..I am sure you are going to love it..It will be a craven first! Oh how I love those.. In the meantime, I am going to sniffily work on a second post for today {or tomorrow} that will be somewhat entertaining.


3 Responses

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  2. That sounds like a good breakfast! I would pass on the soy bacon, but probably have some fruit with the peanut butter on toast.

    The Abs diet sounds interesting. I’ll be checking that out! Thanks. Feel better! 😦

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