Kitchen Envy: The TV Designer’s handywork

Sarahs cottage kitchen

One of my favourite show’s on television is ‘Sarahs House‘. It airs on HGTV and shows the renovation work of interior designer Sarah Richardson and her talented crew. Sarah’s style is very glam, yet grounded through allowing light to filter through the space via colour and encouraging available light. Also through the combination of textures she makes a ‘tactile’ touchable room.

In one season while renovating a cottage, Sarah designed a kitchen that I found truly covetable. Admittedly, my style is a little more bohemian and flea market – whereas this kitchen is very polished. Nevertheless I loved it for these specific reasons:

– Is that a pull out dishwasher I see. Sigh, there are some things that are on every NY dwellers wishlist, and after a washer/dryer, a dishwasher is mine. I love to cook but I hate. HATE to wash dishes. This petite dishwasher is perfectly compact and with a stainless steel front. Timeless!

– Open shelving and glass front cabinets. Lets face it. I’ve shown my love of open shelving before here, here and here and I’m going to show it again. Yes, its a great way to display collections of glass or dinnerware but also with the glass front cabinets…no dust! Lol, hey, it saves on cleaning eh?

Sarahs Cottage Detail

– The reclaimed wood cabinet detail. I must say, I really like this reclaimed wood featured in the island but wish there was more of it in the overall kitchen design. With it just here it looks a little disjointed when you look at the kitchen as a whole.

Sarah's Cottage Kitchen

– As well as the subtle backsplash that looks like penny tile, I of course love the openness and accessibility to the other room. I know its a tune I sing often, but hey, when you know what you like, you know what you like.

All in all, its a little bit more perfect than I’d like, but the enviable details make it warrant a place on my ‘kitchen envy‘ list.

all images from sarah richardson design


2 Responses

  1. I am also head over heels in love with that show. I have an HGTV addiction actually (my other faves are The Antonio Treatment, Color Splash and Divine Design). I found the living room from this season to be a wee bit stiff looking but I loved every single other room in the house.

    • OMG separated at birth?? I love almost every show on HGTV, especially the ones you listed! Candice Olsen is a miracle maker when it comes to design.

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