From seedlings to dinner plate..


For some months now, I’ve been toying with the idea of having a veggie garden. This has proved to require more thought than you would think because, a) I don’t have a garden and b) I have very minimal window sill space. I’ve considered renting an allotment..but am not even sure if they are that easy to come by. I’ve seen a few here and there but not near my flat, and knowing me..I just won’t go after a while. That being said, the most ‘promising’ spot I saw was in very close proximity to a load of traffic and public transportation..hmm..not sure I want my tomatos tasting like exhaust.

Then today I saw this on The Brooklyn Home Companion. Crop Mob‘s seem to be popping up here and there.

Crop mob is primarily a group of young, landless, and wannabe farmers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. Crop mob is also a group of experienced farmers and gardeners willing to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians. The membership is dynamic, changing and growing with each new mob event.

It sounds fantastic! Getting to farm, get your hands dirty without worrying about renting landspace or fighting with your windowsill. I must say I am tempted to try it out..The NYC Crop Mob has a Facebook page – check it out if you are interested. It looks like the next mob will be on April 11th at the East Flatbush High School for Youth Service Farm. If you are in the area, be sure to sign up!

image courtesy of pop farming


4 Responses

  1. Yes, I can’t do April 11 (and it’s full, anyway), but I definitely want to in the future. And you know Annie of Rooftop Farms takes volunteers every Saturday or Sunday (forget which) beginning in April … you just show up, and she puts you to work … perfect for a sunny afternoon …

    Re: indoor growing. I’m finding that indoor growlights work remarkably well for starting seeds … right now, since it’s still sort of cold and often rainy, I alternate setting my fledgling plants outside on my fire escape and in the hallway/ under the two grow lights I’ve mounted …

    • I will look into Annie’s rooftop farm..thanks! I dont even have space indoors for a small patch…hmmm i may have to get inventive. I can’t wait to see how your seedlings thrive!!

  2. Sounds nice, but I have a total blue As in, not green. 😛 The only flowers I really love are wildflowers, and I know I would forget my poor plants and vegetables, but I do know that fresh grown veggies not loaded with chemicals, preservatives and any other additives or hormones they use, are the best. If you do it, you’ll have to let us know how it turns out!

    • Oh come on now, don’t sell yourself short. There are so many things you can grow and plant from tomatoes to herbs on the windowsill..give it a try and see!

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