Etsy Tuesday: The yummy edition

Ahh, Etsy Tuesday. It’s a rainy one here in NY and I, your loyal craven one, am ill. My head is fuzzy (from the meds) and my nose is stuffy (from the runniness) and my body temp is up down and all over the show. But, thats not enough to stop me from trawling the wonderful world of etsy for foodie treats for you dear readers, (ok, and for me too!). Today I am featuring items from two etsy sellers. First the Brooklyn based ‘Whimsy and Spice’ and the mother of two Love Abounds. The unique twist of these two etsy seller is that they sell confection and sweet treats via etsy.

At first I was skeptical about buying food from etsy, but on second thoughts. Why not? It’s no less different than my favourite treat made in a boutique cafe or some without further ado, a few delights for you to check out:

Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich cookies

Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich cookies

I love biscuits (aka cookies). I just plain love them, and this one is definitely not to be shared with your kids! Whimsy and Spice is selling a set of 6 of these sandwich cookies with bittersweet Scotch Whisky-infused Madagascar chocolate filling nestled between two cookies studded with ground hazelnuts and rich chocolate chips for $9. Hurry, these sell very quickly!

Marshmallow Sampler Packs

Marshmallow Sampler Packs

Another treat from Whimsy and Spice, the ‘pick 3 marshmallow sampler’ a choice of chocolate, cardamom, caramel, or maple. You get six cubes of each flavour for a total of eighteen 1.25″ cubes of yummy marshmallow goodness! These treats are hand made and hand rolled in Brooklyn..mmm imagine a nice cardamom marshmallow floating atop your favourite hot chocolate..a gourmet treat indeed! Get ’em here while you can for only 9 bucks!

Chocolate Butterscotch Bars

Chocolate Butterscotch Bars

I have a friend who once ended her thesis with ‘After all. Everyone loves chocolate.’ Don’t ask…seriously, don’t ask. But she is right. When I meet someone who doesn’t love chocolate I look at them like they have a second head – however, that is because I am a self confessed chocoholic. The only thing better than just chocolate? Butterscotch and chocolate..These chocolate butterscotch bars from whimsy and spice have two separate layers of rich butterscotch and fudgy chocolate atop a graham cookie crust. Perfect with a tea cup of your fave cuppa or a demitasse of coffee. Four bars cost $9 at the W&S store.

Love Abounds Sipping Chocolat White Chocolate Chai

Love Abounds Sipping Chocolat White Chocolate Chai

I’m very curious about this one. I love hot chocolate and I love chai, but I have never had a combo of the two. These treat by Love Abounds is on my wishlist. Creamy smooth Sipping Chocolat made with fine Belgian style white chocolate with traditional Masala Chai spices to give you an indulgent creamy treat. There is no tea or cocoa in this Sipping Chocolat .

Comes in a heat sealed resealable bag. 8-10 servings per bag. Priced at $8.50 get it at the Love Abounds store.

White Chocolate Raspberry Caramels

White Chocolate Raspberry Caramels

I know my dentist well. Very well. What can I say? I love sweet things but I do take care of my teeth to enable me to consume as much sugary goodness as possible! ha! When it comes to caramels, yes they are creamy goodness, but who would ever have thought to make them taste like white chocolate raspberry?? Love Abounds would, that’s who. You can get 25-30 caramels for $13, a perfect munchie for the next time you have friends over.

So there you have it.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned


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