A vodka twist to wash away the weekend

deli garage vodka flasks

Yeah. It’s Monday. Nuff said really, but not without mentioning these crazy, wicked, mentally kewl vodka flasks from German store The Deli-Garage. I didn’t know what to think when I saw these flasks because my mind was well and truly blown. From the design by branding agency Korefe and the artwork of Heiko Windlsch there is a bit of an edge to it that reminds me of skateboard design…(cannot substantiate why as of now), and the sort of illustration of the likes of Ghost Shrimp.

deli garage flask close up

The flavours of these vodka’s are somewhat different from the norm, melon-mint, espresso and ginger coriander. While that all sounds very adventurous I would gladly take an empty flask just to get my hands on such a kewl design. Sadly, they are only sold in Germany, but if you send the deli-garage an email, they can try and work out sending you an empty flask..for whatever tipple you chose to fill it with.

images from deli garage


2 Responses

  1. That’s the flask you drink from when you’re stranded on a seemingly deserted planet in the fifties…KEWL!

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