With a bakery like this…who needs thighs?

Outsider Tart

Seriously, thighs..they are overrated. Who* needs them? Stick things banding about in skinny jeans punctuated with skinny knees (if you’re blessed..). They could just as easily be hidden behind a mumu..no one needs to know how big or small they are. Sheesh. And with a bakery like Outsider Tart, you might as well kiss your thigh’s goodbye. We’re talking peach scones, lavender lemon scones, ginger lemon cupcakes, banana split cupcakes, white chocolate pistachio brownies and something called a ‘smarty coca cola cake’ (my pulse stopped for a solid 4 seconds when I read that one..).

Outsider Tart

Oh and did I mention you can order online? So you can really get nice and rotund sitting at your comp, getting up only to receive the package..

Outsider Tart

Sadly, they are only in London right now, (phew..). So if you are there be sure to check them out. Either at the store or at the Chiswick, Barnes, Putney or Richmond farmer’s market on specific days, see link.

Outsider Tart

However, the biggest shame is that if you do forgo visiting the store you miss out on seeing one of the most stylin’ bakeries I’ve ever seen to date. Owners, David Lesniak and David Muniz create a wonderful modern and rustic environment with a whiff of whimsy. From huge lighted arrows, (reminiscent of ‘your message here‘ ) to reclaimed wood ceiling high shelving, to paul smith-esque striped counter tops. Forget the tarts..I want to go there just to admire the decor.

So if you are in or around Chiswick anytime soon, pop by for some tasty treats, no for the decor..wait. The treats, decor. Groan. A bit of both!

*I do.

images from we heart co uk


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