Found it! Czechoslovakian China

Tea Cozy

I was perusing the pages on the interweb the other day when I occasioned upon the above picture and a write up about the “Irish Knit Aran Wool Tea Cosy Cozy” by etsy store seller Wattery Totteries.

But it wasn’t the cozy that arrested my attention, but rather the darling patterned tea cup! I’ve tried to find the exact one, but no avail (however, Wattery Totteries is willing to sell it if anyone is interested.). Some digging determined that it is Czechoslovakian China and wow is Czech china colourful or what?!

In my search I found some colourful and patterned items that I just had to share..

Pink Czech Cameo Tea Set

Cameo Czech Tea Set

This is a very bright, pepto bismol pink tea set like nothing i’ve ever seen. Currently on ebay for $850 BIN it includes 21 pieces from teapot to tea cups to saucers and a milk jug. What amazes me is what fine shape the set is in despite being manufactured between 1921-1934! If anyone is interested in the post/pre war pieces of pottery, check it out here.

Spotty Czech Tea set

I just found this spotty Czechoslovakian tea set adorable. It’s so fun and yet a bit sensible. Currently on sale for $7.50 at ecrater.

Colourful rosy czech

I love the bright pop of floralcy around the rim of this plate. It’s a statement and a little bit too colourful to look grannified, in my opinion at least!

All in all I found a lot of florals..some more of a statement than others. If you are so inclined to pick up some of this china I reccomend the extensive collection I found here at!

images from ebay, and ecrater


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